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New Chrome Extension Grants Access to Blockchain Domains

Blockchain domains are somewhat of an interesting trend worth keeping an eye on. Now that Unstoppable Domains is accessible through Chrome and Brave, that situation could get very interesting.

There are many benefits to using blockchain domains over their traditional counterparts.

Conveniently Accessing Blockchain Domains 

Unlike a .com or .net domain, there is no centralized registrar capable of censoring specific addresses.

Despite this appeal, blockchain domains are far from popular.

This is primarily because they can’t be accessed like normal websites, or at least, they couldn’t.

Unstoppable Domains has now created a Chrome extension to address this problem.

Through this browser extension, anyone using Chrome or Brave can access these blockchain domains.

It is a big step forward, albeit the move remains targeted at a very niche crowd.

Not everyone is interested in these domains until they become accessible through browsers by default.

An external extension is a smart solution, but it will not convince the masses right away.

To this date, there are still many questions regarding the viability of the “decentralized web”.

It is not something most consumers or corporations will seek out, despite the obvious advantages and differences.

Changing that narrative becomes a bit easier with this extension, but there is still a lot of work to be done. 

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