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Cardano Price: Brief Positive Spell Pushes Value Past $0.17

All cryptocurrencies remain in the green for several hours on end now. That is not unusual during the weekend, as there is far less fiat currency trading taking place right now. Even so, there is a good chance this may be the beginning of a multi-day rally. The Cardano price enjoys some positive momentum as of right now, as its value is slowly climbing as time progresses.

Cardano Price Remains in the Green

It has become rather apparent there is a lot of interesting cryptocurrency momentum taking place right now. Although it remains to be seen how long this uptrend will last this time around, there’s still plenty of room for future market gains across all currencies. The Cardano price is a good example of the current momentum, mainly because it is regaining lost value after a tough few days.

Over the past 24 hours, the Cardano price has successfully regained 4.61% of its lost value. That in itself is a very peculiar development, considering how there is no real reason for this altcoin to gain any value as of right now. Cryptocurrency markets often work in very mysterious ways first and foremost. The Cardano price is no exception in this regard

As one would expect from altcoins regaining USD value, there is also a nice increase in the ADA/BT ratio. Although not as spectacular as the fiat currency gains, a 2.96% increase in this department should never be overlooked by any means. It further confirms the positive trend affecting all cryptocurrencies, even though the situation can still turn around on a whim’s notice first and foremost.

The current Cardano trading volume seems to be on par with all previous days. There is no notable increase or decrease, which is still a welcome change of pace in this volatile industry. With $107.264m in 24-hour trades, the current Cardano price momentum looks very promising. If this trend carries over to the coming days, things will undoubtedly get very interesting for the cryptocurrency industry.

Upbit shows a healthy appetite for Cardano trading as of right now. Its KRW pair obliterates all other markets. Binance’s USDT and BTC pairs have more volume combined, but individually, they are well behind the competition. Huobi’s USDT pair and Bittrex’s BTC pair complete the top five for a very interesting collection of trading pairs.

This Sunday is proving to be very interesting for all cryptocurrency markets first and foremost. Although things will undoubtedly look very different come Monday, it has become evident one has to enjoy the positive momentum when it comes around. Although the Cardano price has risen to $0.17 once again, it is very possible $0.18 will be reached later today.


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