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CashTippr Creates Additional Bitcoin Cash Revenue Streams for Site Owners

It has become a lot easier to monetize online content through cryptocurrencies in this day and age. CashTippr can prove to be a welcome addition in this regard, even though the solution only supports Bitcoin Cash. This tool is not new, yet it seems the recent WordPress plugin is getting a lot of positive attention.

The Future of CashTippr

On paper, the Cashtippr plugin is designed to be a WordPress plugin. Its main purpose is to let people earn money by receiving Bitcoin Cash tips. By integrating such functionality, site owners can create a new passive revenue stream, even though BCH doesn’t have the market traction of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In a new update, CashTippr has become a lot more versatile in terms of making money. The plugin can now be installed by WordPress site owners can have users pay them to post content on the site’s Twitter timeline. It is a different way of paid advertising, although the business model can introduce some benefits to certain people.

Considering how this plugin is very easy to install, it appears to be a matter of time until more websites integrate it. One will need the CashTippr core plugin installed prior to using the Twitter extension, albeit it remains to be seen if and when people will effectively do so. The built-in shortcodes will make use and integration very straightforward.

There are some more customization options for website owners to explore accordingly. Although it remains to be seen what type of message users will try to share with the world, keeping a close eye on the content submitted is more than warranted. Especially when using this feature in conjunction with a corporate or brand account, the content shared with the world needs to meet certain standards first and foremost.

Thankfully, it seems the new CashTippr extension has a few solutions in place to keep unwanted content out. Twitter users can decide to exclude certain words, terms,, hashtags, and even domains. As such, this method can be quite appealing to initial coin offerings, even though there is a good chance a lot of site owners will try to steer away from that business model first and foremost.

Solutions like these can improve overall Bitcoin Cash adoption in the months to come. Although BCH does not benefit from an unblemished reputation, it is a cryptocurrency that should not necessarily be overlooked whatsoever. Creating more cryptocurrency-related revenue streams is a sign of how the industry continues to grow and evolve.


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