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AI And Big Data-Associated Tokens Like $TOKEN, $BOTTO And $AGIX Surge Amid Wider Crypto Market Momentum

As the cryptocurrency market experiences a bullish wave, tokens linked to artificial intelligence (AI) ventures are once again seeing significant gains. Santiment’s recent report underscores this trend, revealing a marked increase in the market capitalization of projects focused on Big Data and AI. Notable assets leading this surge include $BOTTO, […]

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Solana Memecoin Surpasses Ethereum Rival As Third-Largest In Market

The deflationary Ethereum memecoin, $PEPE, faced a significant setback yesterday as it relinquished its position as the third-largest memecoin in the cryptocurrency market. This shift was driven by the remarkable surge of the Solana-based memecoin, Dogwifhat ($WIF), which now boasts a market capitalization of $4.48 billion, surpassing $PEPE’s $3.45 billion. […]

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Worldcoin Faces Regulatory Scrutiny Despite Technological Advances

Worldcoin, a leading player on the Optimism Network, has garnered significant attention with its average weekly transaction volume surpassing 1 billion and boasting over 2.5 million holders. However, despite its technological prowess, the cryptocurrency has encountered regulatory hurdles worldwide. Worldcoin leads on the Optimism Network with an average weekly transaction […]

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Market Dynamics Point To Potential Cryptocurrency Surge As Traders Get Set For Another Bitcoin Pump

Cryptocurrency traders are accustomed to Bitcoin and other assets charting their own course, often independent of traditional stocks and industries. However, recent highs in the S&P 500 and gold markets are generating a buzz within the crypto community, with many anticipating a positive divergence that could drive BTC and altcoins […]

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Cyber Connect’s Native Token $CYBER Plummets By 10% Amidst On-Chain Activity

The native token of the Web 3 social network Cyber Connect, $CYBER, experienced a sharp decline of 10% today, following a brief attempt to rally. The downturn comes amidst notable on-chain activity, shedding light on significant transactions involving key stakeholders. Spotonchain reports indicate that Wallet 0x59e, associated with DWF Labs, […]