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TON Surges To $8 Amidst Growing Adoption And Accumulation By Smart Money

TON has reached $8, but this might just be the beginning. The integration of USDt on TON is now live across more than 60 platforms worldwide.

Marketplaces, travel platforms, exchanges, wallets, and more are on board, making USDt-TON increasingly accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Smart Whales Accumulate TON In The Last 24 Hours

Recent data reveals that TON is being accumulated by smart money over the past 24 hours. iCrypto has identified two notable wallets:

– Wallet 0x48d9 (…), with a win rate of 44%, swapped 1.01 million CRV for 35.66K TON ($290K) in the past 6 hours. Currently, this wallet holds 40.68K TON ($330K).

– Wallet 0x31bc (…), with a win rate of 36.84%, swapped 14 ETH for 5.8K TON ($47.91K) in the past 9 hours.

Additionally, both wallets have significant holdings in FET:
– Wallet 0x48d9 holds 2.24 million FET ($2.91M).
– Wallet 0x31bc holds 519.55K FET ($678.55K).

As the integration of USDt on TON expands, the accumulation by smart money could signal further growth for TON.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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