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Bitcoin $BTC Witnesses Strong Accumulation Streak Amid ETF Trends, Positions For Upward Movement 

Bitcoin is currently experiencing one of its most notable accumulation streaks in nearly three years, as indicated by the Accumulation Trend Score remaining near 1 for the past four months. This sustained trend reflects a growing confidence among larger entities in the Bitcoin market, signaling positive sentiment. #Bitcoin is witnessing […]

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Bitcoin Surges Past $43,000 Amidst Institutional Investments

Bitcoin’s price surged past the $42,000 barrier, reaching $43,838, breaking through resistance levels at $42,500 and $43,200. Currently, the price is consolidating gains above the $42,500 resistance zone, although bears emerged after it hit the $43,800 mark. In recent on-chain reports, Grayscale deposited 4,419 BTC ($191M) into Coinbase Prime, bringing […]

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Polygon Nearly Matches Ethereum In User Acquisition in 2023, Adds 2.8 Million Users This January 

In 2023, Polygon, a Layer-2 scaling network for Ethereum, came close to rivaling Ethereum in crypto user acquisition, as per data from blockchain analytics firm Flipside.  The gap between Polygon and Ethereum was narrow, with Polygon gaining an impressive 15.24 million users compared to Ethereum’s 15.4 million.  NEW: Polygon acquired […]

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MakerDAO, $MKR Faces Price Decline Following On-Chain Activity And Protocol Changes

MakerDAO ($MKR), known for its significant contribution to real-world asset (RWA) transactions within decentralized finance (DeFi), has experienced a slight price decline in recent hours, influenced by on-chain activity and protocol adjustments. According to reports from on-chain analytics firm Spotonchain, Wallet 0xa58, associated with RuneKek, a MakerDAO co-founder, has sold […]

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Examining DAI’s Dominance In The CDP Ecosystem

Recent data from intotheblock’s perspective dashboard sheds light on the stablecoin landscape within the collateralized debt positions (CDP) ecosystem. Thereby, showcasing DAI’s prominent position as the leading stablecoin with the largest number of holders. In the realm of DeFi’s collateralized debt positions, users utilize blockchain-based smart contracts and various cryptocurrencies […]