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China Announces Guidelines for Blockchain Node Communication

China is genuinely smitten by blockchain technology. The government continues to outline how they will monitor and regulate this industry. 

The latest bit of news revolves around blockchain patent applications and node communication.

China Nails Down Blockchain Communication

As the nation of China focuses on distributed ledgers, it is plausible to assume patent filings will follow suit.

Those filings will need to adhere to very strict standards.

Patent applications for blockchain and other innovative technologies often require their own rules and guidance.

The new changes will apply to DLT, AI, and big data.

One interesting topic comes in the form of blockchain node communication.

The revised guidelines highlight how this will need to be addressed.

Preventing privacy data from leaking during the communication process is a crucial challenge to overcome. 

It also appears that some sort of certification will be used for communication requests between nodes.

It is another important step for China in its blockchain ambitions.

Most people expected the government to be heavily involved in this industry moving forward.

That also means dealing with plenty of rules and guidances.

One also has to keep in min that China wants to use DLT to improve intellectual property protection.

That particular aspect will require some very strict regulation and overview, after all.


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