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Whale Alert Highlights Major Sums of XRP and BTC Moving to Exchanges

Any suspicious transaction made to cryptocurrency exchanges is closely monitored these days. The Whale Alert account shared some interesting details in the past few days.

It is not uncommon for large sums of crypto to move around.

Whale Alert Highlights key Data

When that fans ends up in an exchange wallet, a lot of “red flags” are triggered.

Whale Alert confirms several of those transactions took place lately.

Over 58 million in XRP was sent to an exchange wallet.

No one is sure which exchange this belongs to, however. 

Furthermore, a large amount of bitcoin has moved to Bitstamp as well. 

This goes to show that a lot of people are trying to buy something or sell something on exchanges lately.

Why the Bitstamp exchange specifically, is not clear at this time.

Neither of these transfers has caused any major market shifts for either XRP or BTC. 

That doesn’t mean a big drop will not materialize in the future, however. 

Keeping an eye on information shared by Whale Alert is always interesting.

It is perhaps one of the most intriguing Twitter accounts dedicated to cryptocurrencies today.

Not only does it provide viable information, but it also sparks some major debates.

Rest assured people will watch Btistamp like a hawk regarding both BTC and XRP in the days to come. 

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