China Beings its Surveillance of Online Gaming Communication

China is known for making some very interesting decisions at very random intervals. One of those decisions will affect online gaming, especially when it comes to interacting with non-Chinese players.

The future of gaming in China will look very different in the near future.

China Cracks Down on Online Gaming

Especially when it comes to online gaming, things are not looking all that great.

A new decision by the Chinese Communist Party will certainly upset a lot of gamers.

Following the blocking of Animal Crossing, it will no longer be possible for Chinese gamers to communicate with foreigners.

This applies to all games being played in the country, which doesn’t bode well for a lot of franchises.

The Communist regime in China is convinced that people shouldn’t freely socialize with foreigners without monitoring. 

This new rule will also expand to censoring online communities within China.

One-player online games will become subject to surveillance to ensure there isn’t any unwarranted free speech taking place.

It is evident that this decision will not sit well with gamers, as well with companies actively catering to this market.

Political decisions should never mix with entertainment, yet China clearly has a different opinion regarding this matter.

How all of this will affect the future of online gaming in the future, remains to be determined.

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