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Coinbase is Still Investigating Degraded EOS Performance After 3 Days

Most of the top cryptocurrency networks suffer from congestion on a rainy day. This week, it appears that EOS is noting degraded performance according to Coinbase.

It is very common for most blockchains to get clogged up.

EOS on Coinbase Remains Finicky

Although Bitcoin hasn’t suffered from such an incident in a while, other top markets aren’t so lucky. 

A few years ago, Ethereum would get clogged up every time  a popular ICO took place.

Today, the EOS blockchain is seemingly operating at full capacity.

More specifically, this incident originally began three days ago, according to Coinbase.

Today, the company claims that it is still investigating the incident. 

So far, no official explanation has been provided as to what may be causing transaction delays. 

There was the launch of VOICE, a new social platform built on top of the EOS blockchain. 

Even so, it appears that this project is getting a lot of backlash due to it requiring users to verify their identity. 

As such, it seems unlikely that this project is causing any big delays at this time. 

Coinbase also tends to note degraded performance when the network is working just fine.

Since no major issues have been reported by users, it would appear that EOS is doing just fine.

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