Crypto Arbitrage Today: Dash, DOGE, XMR, EOS, TRX, XLM

Finding new arbitrage opportunities in the world of assets and altcoins is always an interesting endeavor. Although some opportunities tend to come back every other day, new options will emerge over the span of a month as well. The following six price gaps allow traders to pocket some quick and easy profits, assuming their trades are timed correctly.

Dash (Sistemkoin / Bittrex / HitBTC)

Privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies and digital assets are usually subject to big price gaps between different trading platforms. That creates an exciting opportunity for those chasing some quick profits with little to no effort involved. Buying Dash on either Sistemkoin, Bittrex, or Kraken and selling it on HitBTC can yield a profit ranging from 0.8% to 3.8%. A very enticing opportunity, as these small gains can all add up to big profits down the line.

Dogecoin (Koineks / HitBTC)

Although Dogecoin has maintained a degree of price stability throughout 2018, that doesn’t mean its price is the exact same on all platforms either. As of today, the DOGE price on Koineks is slightly lower compared to HitBTC, which creates a 1.55% arbitrage opportunity. Dogecoin also has plenty of liquidity on most days, which should make this trading opportunity rather straightforward.

Stellar Lumens (KuCoin / BtcTurk / HitBTC)

Plenty of trading opportunities for Stellar Lumens today, which is rather interesting to keep an eye on. Buying XLM on Kraken, KuCoin, BtcTurk, Vebitcoin, Cex, and Binance will let users score a profit by selling XLM on HitBTC. The profits to be gained range from 0.82% all the way up to 3.57%, depending on where one bought Stellar Lumens form and which option provides the most liquidity to pull off this trade successfully.

Monero (Bittrex / Bitfinex / Kraken)

A few different Monero-oriented arbitrage opportunities exist as of right now. The easy option is to buy Monero on Bittrex and selling it on Bitfinex for a 1.45% profit. Additionally, buying XMR on Bittrex, Bitfinex, or Kraken and selling on HitBTC can yield profits of up to 3.77%. That is the more appealing option first and foremost, although small gains should never be overlooked either under these market circumstances.

Tron (Sistemkoin / Binance / HitBTC)

As has been the case all week long, selling coins on HitBTC is the best way to go these days. ┬áIn the case of today’s TRX arbitrage opportunity, that is no different in the slightest. Buying TRX on either Sistemkoin, Koineks, Binance, or KuCoin allows users to flip Tron on HitBTC for a quick profit. Depending on which exchange the liquidity is sourced from, there will be a potential profit of up to 3%, although the average sits closer to the 2% mark.

EOS (Bitfinex / Binance / HitBTC)

As is usually the case, there is also an option to buy and sell EOS for a profit across different exchanges right now. Buying on Bitfinex and selling on HitBTC will yield a 0.89% profit. Performing the same action between Binance and HitBTC nets a 3% profit. That is on par with buying EOS on KuCoin and selling it on HitBTC, as that results in a 2.9% profit. All options are worth exploring regardless, as EOS is one of the most liquid altcoin markets.

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Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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