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Crypto Arbitrage Today: USDT, TUSD, ZEC, TRX , XEM, ETC

Cryptocurrency arbitrage trading opportunities will always become apparent when a new day comes around. It is evident there are many different ways to make money with cryptocurrency, even if markets are not noting any real gains or losses. The following six coins are worth checking out in this department, as there is some decent money to be made.

ZCash (YoBit / HitBTC / Bittrex)

There are many different arbitrage opportunities where ZCash is concerned. Most exchanges have a lower price compared to YoBit, which allows for a quick and easy profit. Buying on HitBTC,, CEX, Bittrex, or Bitfinex and selling on YoBit will result in profits of up to 1.8%. A more than healthy gain for doing little work, depending on overall liquidity across the different exchanges.

TrueUSD (VeBitcoin / Binance)

It has not been an easy time for stablecoins to do what they are designed to do: maintaining a peg to the US Dollar. In the case of TrueUSD, the value on Vebitcoin is slightly below that on Binance, which makes for some interesting opportunities. There isn’t a ton of liquidity at these prices on Vebitcoin, but the early bird can still get the worm.

Ethereum Classic (Gate / Binance/ YoBit)

Buying any cryptocurrency on an exchange that isn’t YoBit and selling it on YoBit seems to result in profits these days. For those looking to trade Ethereum Classic, buying on Gate, Koineks, Binance, KuCoin, or Poloniex will allow for some easy profits. Gains of 2% should be achievable without too many problems.

XEM (Koineks / Livecoin / YoBit)

Despite a rather tough year for XEM, it seems the altcoin is still in demand and can effectively lead to some arbitrage profits. Buying XEM on either Koineks or Livecoin and selling on YoBit can result in a profit of 5%. That is a lot of good money waiting to be made for doing virtually nothing at all, assuming there is sufficient liquidity.

TRON (HitBTC /  Bitfinex / OKEx)

Numerous exchanges offer TRX trading, albeit often at slightly different prices. As of right now, there is a good chance buying TRON on HitBTC, Gate, Koineks, Bitfinex, Binance, or OKEx will allow users to score a quick 1% profit by flipping TRX on YoBit. A very peculiar option, primarily because the potential profit is nearly identical for buying on any of the listed exchanges.

USDT (KuCoin / Bittrex  / BtcTurk)

It is somewhat unusual to see stablecoins offer arbitrage opportunities in Turkey. For the time being, buying USDT on BtcTurk, Koineks, Sistemkoin, or even Bittrex and selling it on KuCoin will result in profits of up to 1.7%. That is quite good money to be made from one of the most liquid stablecoin pairs which is used across dozens of exchanges in this day and age.

All information is provided courtesy of Arbing Tool.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.


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