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Crypto Arbitrage Today: XMR, ZEC, Dash, TRX, EOS, DOGE

When it comes to exploring arbitrage opportunities after the weekend, a few interesting scenarios can play out. Either the price gaps become even more apparent, or the prices stabilize between different platforms. In the case of the following six trading opportunities, some good money can be made, although the price differences may not remain in place for much longer.

Monero (Bittrex / Kraken / HitBTC)

Until further notice, it seems as if HitBTC has become the new EXMO or Livecoin in terms of relying on that platform for arbitrage opportunities. For those looking to explore some Monero-related options, prices on Bittrex and Kraken are lower compared to HitBTC. That allows for a potential profit of up to 3.4%, although the average is closer to 2.5%. A very interesting opportunity, assuming there is sufficient liquidity to take advantage of.

ZCash (Bittrex / HitBTC)

It is not uncommon for ZCash arbitrage opportunities to look very similar to price differences for Monero. In today’s edition, it has become more than apparent there is a price gap between Bittrex and HitBTC where ZEC is concerned. Moving funds between platforms can yield users a 1.76% profit in the process, which is a more than respectable profit on a Monday morning.

Tron (Koineks / Binance / HitBTC)

There are a few interesting price gaps to exploit where TRX is concerned right now. Although all opportunities involve sending money to HitBTC for liquidation, one can source TRX from either Koineks, Binance, or KuCoin. As such, users exploring this opportunity can pocket a profit of up to 2.09%. A modest opportunity, although one that gives users something else to explore as well.

Dash (Vebitcoin / Kraken / HitBTC)

A day with arbitrage opportunities for both Monero and ZCash usually offers very similar options where Dash is concerned. Today is no different in this regard, as one can buy Dash on Vebitcoin, Bittrex, or Kraken to sell it on HitBTC later on. When doing so, selling the funds can yield a profit of 1.9% on average, with the Kraken/HitBTC option offering up to 3.3% in profit.

Dogecoin (Koineks / Koinim / Gate)

A few interesting Dogecoin price flipping opportunities present themselves when using either Koineks or Koinim as a base exchange. Doing so allows users to sell DOGE for profits on either Gate, Livecoin, or HitBTC. The average profit is close to just 1%, although the Koinim/HitBTC option rewards up to 3.7% in the process.

EOS (Paribu / Binance / HitBTC)

Another day dawns upon the cryptocurrency and EOS is subject to arbitrage trading once again. This has become somewhat of an ongoing trend lately, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Buying EOS on Paribu, Binance, or KuCoin and selling it on HitBTC will yield an average profit of 1.8%. That is another respectable option to explore, primarily because EOS is a pretty liquid market first and foremost. That alone makes this opportunity worth exploring.

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Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.


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