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Crypto Gazette Cryptocurrency-Oriented Publication Gives Away Ten Ledger Nano X Devices To Lucky Readers

Crypto Gazette is showing gratitude to supportive readers via a Ledger Nano X Giveaway that’s just around the corner. At the end of April, the online publication will be gifting ten lucky readers a Ledger Nano X cold wallet to keep their crypto safe.

Crypto and the blockchain have been gaining increased interest from people all over the world, and the crypto industry is on the right path towards the mainstream adoption of digital assets and their underlying tech. In the middle of the global crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, Bitcoin and crypto are expected to show their true advantages over fiat money and the traditional financial system. The disruptive emerging industry has tremendous potential, and it’s set to revolutionize the financial industry and mankind’s future.

Bitcoin was born from an economic recession, and during the current world crisis, it will withstand potential financial collapse. More people understand the power of the new digitized industry, and they are migrating towards Bitcoin and crypto as a new safe haven.

Crypto Gazette April Nano Ledger X Giveaway

Crytpo Gazette online publication has been guiding its readers through the revolutionary industry and spent a lot of time and effort building the website to provide users with the info they need to succeed in the crypto space and remain updated on all relevant issues. 

Now, the online publication shows gratitude to its readers for years of support and prepares a big Ledger Nano X giveaway scheduled for the end of April.

Here are the simple steps to enter the contest:

  • Tweet about the Crypto Gazette Ledger Nano X 
  • Follow Crypto Gazette on Twitter
  • Enter your e-mail address

“We are giving away 10 Ledger Nano Xs, which will help people secure their cryptocurrency. The winner will be chosen at random via e-mail once it’s confirmed they tweeted, followed and subscribed, most importantly we need your e-mail to notify you if you’ve won or not,” Crypto Gazette announces on the official website.

Keep your crypto safe on Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X cold wallet is one step ahead of other hardware wallets that can be found on the market these days. The device’s high capacity for digital assets mixed with the Bluetooth connectivity make the wallet a true powerhouse for managing digital assets. 

One of the main advantages of Ledger Nano X is that it can keep users’ funds safe from hackers – the hardware wallet provides the highest level of security and safety, essential elements for all crypto holders. 

Despite the neverending battler between the hot and cold wallets, the latter ones always turn out to be superior in terms of safety and essential features. 

Make sure to take this unique chance to win and enter the Crypto Gazette Ledger Nano X Giveaway Contest now. Good luck! 

About Crypto Gazette

Crypto Gazette is a website that’s been born from the passion for crypto industry and it offers news broadcast in real-time, along with analysis on the crypto market, the latest news about the financial markets, major political and economic events, exchange rates and stock exchange quotations. The website is working hard to be one of the most transparent and objective go-to places to get the latest news with a focus on results and flawless data processing as primary targets. 

Crypto Gazette is a Google News Approved Website. 

About Ledger Nano X

The next level hardware wallet: securely manage your crypto, anywhere you go. The Ledger Nano X combines ease-of-use and flexibility while ensuring the highest standard of crypto security.

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