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Honduras Prepares to Experiment With a Blockchain app for Coronavirus Cases

One thing has become fairly evident: governments are trying to track the coronavirus outbreak with interesting technologies. Honduras, while also pursuing a similar goal, wants to do so while keeping privacy in mind.

Emergency measures regarding the coronavirus have gone into effect all over the world.

A Blockchain app for Coronavirus Cases in Honduras

The next order of business is digitizing medical records and civilians’ locations.

While that approach needs to be applauded, it also raises ample privacy concerns.

One entrepreneur in Honduras is turning to blockchain technology, but with a strong focus on privacy.

Emerge is working with several partners to launch a new app in Honduras called Civitas.

It is capable of linking a government ID number with unique blockchain records.

This data can then be used for permits, medical purposes, and so forth.

With over 3 million people under lockdown in Honduras, a new solution such as Civitas is no unnecessary luxury.

During the initial phase, the app will have a limited rollout.

At first, 25,000 citizens will be able to sign up for this service.

Later on, it will become accessible across 18 regions in the country with confirmed coronavirus cases.

This particular approach may set  a precedent for the rest of the world.

Similar initiatives might show up in other countries if the situation doesn’t improve in the near future. 

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