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CryptoGames Review: An Online Crypto Casino

CryptoGames is an online crypto casino that is widely famed for its fast cryptocurrency deposits, security, simple interface, and a wide array of entertaining games making it one of the most compelling and well-founded online casinos in the industry. It is owned and controlled by MuchGaming B.V., a Curacao based company. CryptoGames is a licensed casino and is under the complete regulation of the Curacao government. CryptoGames started as a slot machine website that only supported Dogecoins but over the passing years, it has made massive strides among the casino industry and is now an online gaming titan hosting numerous fun and enjoyable games, supporting over 10 cryptocurrencies. Managed by a team of hardworking and skillful professionals, CryptoGames has gained an excellent reputation on the online gambling industry and is becoming the desired online casino for gamblers on the internet.

An Overview of the Platform:

CryptoGames currently supports the widely used Bitcoin and Ethereum currency along with eight other cryptocurrencies. Alongside these, users can also choose to convert different altcoins to the supported cryptocurrencies due to the integration of CoinSwitch, a third-party automatic exchange system. The casino hosts 8 online games that are widely popular and enjoyed among gamblers. Their detailed tutorials of the games help the user to easily master the game as they play along. The casino has a refined interface that makes it easy for the users to navigate and is quite pleasing for new users to explore. Users can choose to socialize with different people using the chatbox that is quite active. Besides these, at the end of the day, regular fun events are held by CryptoGames making the casino an enjoyable place to gamble at.

A Simple and Well-Organized Casino Design:

CryptoGames has an extremely simple and aesthetic design with a user-friendly interface that allows its users to explore the casino comfortably. All the games hosted has a lightweight interface that can be played from any device effortlessly. With a single click, users can easily switch from one game or currency to another. Users can see their betting history which is situated right beside the game they currently play. The interface allows the user to see all of the necessary information right in front of them. Users have a huge flexibility when choosing a design theme to suit their own preference.  Users can do this by going to the “settings” under “Your Account” option. The interface also supports “Dark Mode” which is more pleasing to the eye. Users can easily switch to dark mode by clicking on the “moon-shaped” button. All of the necessary information like FAQ, chat rules, and support links can be found at the bottom of the page. The interface also has a twitter feed, along with link to their social media site that keeps the user up to date about the casino.

A Trouble-Free Registration Process and Account Security:

One of the most troublesome procedure for users is to register to a website just to view and experience some of the features it has. CryptoGames with its impressive automatic account creation feature will generate a username or allow the user to choose their username and make an account for them. The user only must accept the terms of service to get set up an account and start playing. Users can have access to the “Play money” feature that allows the user to test out the casino. If you are enjoying the experience and would like to get full access to the casino, you only need to add an email address and a strong password which will further secure your account. Users can activate Two Factor Authentication that makes sure attackers cannot do anything even if they get hold of the account password. CryptoGames has taken proper measures to ensure that no user faces security concerns. Two-factor Authentication if enabled, is required to be passed in order to withdraw funds. Even if a user has disabled Two-factor Authentication an email confirmation is necessary to withdraw funds. Finally, user funds are stored in cold wallets which ensures their security even if the casino was somehow under direct attack. This kind of practice shows that the CryptoGames team gives the issue of security the utmost importance.

Supported Crypto Currencies:

CryptoGames currently supports 10 different cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Stratis, Monero, GAS, and Dash. This gives the user the option to choose their most preferred cryptocurrency to play in the casino. CryptoGames also has a test currency of their own called “Play Money”. Users can use this Play Money to try out the casino without risking money from their own balance. It also helps new users learn and implement different strategies. This type of feature is something we hope to see in different online casinos.

 Secure and Fast Deposits and Withdrawals:

CryptoGames allows the user to deposit and withdraw any of the 10 cryptocurrencies the casino supports. Users can click on “Deposit” that is situated on the top right of the screen, under “Your Account” to generate a deposit address. A new page opens up that shows the user a piece of detailed information about their wallet address and deposit history. The deposits are instantaneous and immediately show as pending. Withdrawals are also fast and easy as deposits. Users will be able to set a withdrawal address by choosing the “Withdraw” option under “Your Account”. Users can choose to set the network fee they are willing to pay with the help of a moving slider. All current and past withdrawal activities can be seen in the history tab. Withdrawals are mostly instant but sometimes users may need to go through support confirmation if the system suspects the user to be abusing any of the features. CryptoGames provides users with a feature called “Emergency Withdrawal Address” that allows the user to set an emergency or backup withdrawal address. This is used if the user cannot be contacted which is highly reassuring.

More Coin Deposit and Withdrawal Options with CoinSwitch:

With the integration of CoinSwitch, users can deposit and withdraw multiple different altcoins even if they are not supported by the casino. This is possible because the CoinSwitch, a third party well known exchange that converts the altcoins to any one of the ten supported cryptocurrencies instantly.  The user can also withdraw to any one of the altcoins they prefer with the help of CoinSwitch. This allows users to save time and all the hassles involved when exchanging a coin through a regular exchanger.

The Games:

CryptoGames gives the user 8 unique and popular games to choose from. The games are – Dice, Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, Minesweeper, and Lotto. Each of the games has its own detailed guides and tutorials that help the user to easily understand the workings of the game. All of the games can be played smoothly due to the simplistic and lightweight interface. A quick review of all the games is given below:


This version of dice in CryptoGames involves a much greater range of potential outcomes. The range of numbers in this game is from 0.000 to 99.999 where the user has to predict a rolled number that will be higher or lower than a predetermined number. Users can choose to use keyboard shortcuts to roll the dice. The game also has an advanced feature known as “Auto Bet” which allows the user to customize the settings using their personal strategies and make bets automatically. In Dice, the greater the risk the higher the profit. Currently, users can make a maximum profit of 6 BTC from one single bet by playing bitcoin dice. Due to the simplicity of this game, it is one of the most popular games in CryptoGames.


This exciting game of slot is played on five reels that spin back and forth before coming to a stop. A payout is won only if five winning symbols line up in the middle of the spot. CryptoGames makes the game easier to play for users by offering single line slots with a horizontal pay line. If the user manages to hit the jackpot, the user will be taking home up to 5 BTC by just playing bitcoin slots


Blackjack also known as 21 is one of the most entertaining and popular casino games in the world. The rules of the game are fairly simple where the users hand has to have points closer to 21 than the dealers. The game is usually played among multiple users where a dealer will be present to oversee the game and shuffle cards. But in case of CryptoGames, you will have to compete against the House. Players have the option to Double Down, Surrender, and Split. A total of 4 decks are used and they are shuffled after each hand. The user is paid at 6:5 for hitting the Blackjack. Blackjacks hits are also paid for each split hands. 


Roulette has a simple rule but holds a lot of potential for hardcore gamblers. CryptoGames offers a variant called “European Roulette” where it has a simple table with a spinning wheel. Users must place bets by stacking chips on the betting tab before throwing the ball into the wheel. Users can spin the wheel by pressing the “spin” button after placing their bets and get paid according to the payout table.

Video Poker:

Video poker is widely popular among online casino due to its extreme payout ratios. CryptoGames offers three variants of this exciting game called Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus poker which users can toggle from the top left corner of the interface. If the user manages to win a royal flush, the user will be awarded a payout multiplier of 500 which will allow a user to win a maximum of 6 BTC in one single bitcoin bet.


You cannot have an online casino without hosting the enthralling game of Plinko. Luckily for us, CryptoGames hosts a simplistic version of Plinko.  Users drop a ball from the top of a pegged pyramid and watch it bounce slowly all the way down. Before pressing the “Play” button, users can also set a bet amount and can choose the color of the ball they wish to drop. The place where the ball falls depending on the color determines the payout a user will receive.


Minesweeper is an entertaining game that has a popular audience long before the birth of online casinos. The rules of the game are pretty straightforward where a user has to click on boxes without hitting a mine. The longer you can click on boxes the higher the reward. Users can increase difficulty to get a higher profit by adding more mines to the field. A maximum of 24 mines can be added into the field leaving only one box that can be clicked. 


Lotto or Lottery is a game that involves players buying tickets. Users can purchase tickets from the “Buy Tickets” tab. The tab shows users the total number of tickets they have and their win percentage. Players can also see the remaining time left for the round to end and the rewards for different positions. CryptoGames hosts two bitcoin lotto draws per week on Wednesday and Saturday, while alternative coins lottery are held once per week. All of the accumulated cryptocurrency from the ticket sales is given to the winners. CryptoGames takes zero profit from the lotto and has no house edge. 

The Progressive Bitcoin and Altcoin Jackpot:

CryptoGames offers a huge progressive jackpot in the games of dice and roulette. Players have to meet some necessary criteria to claim the jackpot. If the criteria are fulfilled, then players can win from a range of 1% to 100% of the jackpot depending on the wagered amount of the user. The current bitcoin jackpot of Dice is standing at an enormous amount of 3.83 BTC waiting to be snatched by one lucky player. Each altcoins have their own jackpot amount!

Low House Edge of the Games:

CryptoGames has one of the lowest house edges in the industry. The house edge of dice is only 0.8% whereas Lotto has a 0% house edge with all the winnings going to the players. All the other games have a reasonable house edge allowing the players a chance to win big.

Provably Fair Casino Giving Users a Chance to Verify Bets:

CryptoGames is a provably fair site; meaning that users can verify their bet results through cryptographic measures. This ensures that the casino cannot manipulate any bets or be biased towards any player. CryptoGames also provides a very friendly and easy to understand guide on how to use hashes and seeds to verify their bet results. The guide also includes a video tutorial. 

For fairness in lottery draws, CryptoGames uses a third-party website called RandomPicker that uses several anti-cheating measures to generate unbiased and random draws. All the data are made public which allows the user to verify the result.

User Chat Box and Rain:

Players can communicate and socialize with other gamblers using the chatbox. The chatbox adds an extra layer of fun and excitement while gambling. Players can tip one another with cryptocurrencies or lotto tickets. Players can host different games using various available commands. Most of the time moderators host games and give away free coins to players in the chatbox. The chatbox also has a feature called “Rain” that gives free coins to active users in the chat. The chatbox is overseen by a group of moderators who keep everything under control. The chat box can also be used as a live support. The friendly moderators usually manages to answer any question the users have.

Faucet for Testing Strategies:

Users can get free coins from the faucet of CryptoGames. They can use these free coins to test up their strategies without risking their own funds. Users also can level up their faucet. Leveling up the faucet also increases the number of free coins a user can claim. A number of tasks are to be completed to level up the faucet, which bring in a challenge for the user. Users can claim up to 6,150 Satoshi or equivalent altcoins at the highest faucet level. 

Referral programs:

CryptoGames has a very profitable referral program. Users will receive 15% of the house edge of every wagered amount for each referral, no matter if the user wins or loses the bet. The user will be receiving the referral rewards for lifetime as long as the referred user keeps on betting.  The referral rates are negotiable depending on what the user has to offer.

Regular Promotional Events:

CryptoGames allows its users to win free rewards by holding regular promotions and events. The events get more enticing with the opportunity to win free coins, voucher codes, and lotto tickets. Every Monday the casino hosts a regular “No Bet Speed Limit” event where users can place any number of bets without any speed restriction. Promotions are announced through the Bitcointalk forum, social media and through email newsletters. CryptoGames hosts special festive events like Halloween, Christmas and Anniversary events where users get free coins. Various fun games are also hosted by the administrators and moderators during those events.

Monthly Wagering Contest:

CryptoGames hosts a monthly wagering contest where the top players on the leaderboards receive rewards for their contributions. The monthly wagering contest creates a friendly competitive environment among the players. Top users in the leaderboard get exclusive VIP tags giving them access to exclusive features in the casino. The VIP tag stays for one whole month until the next start of the monthly contest. The users are able to win the following rewards that may be subject to future change:

  • Bitcoin: A total of 828 lotto tickets and 3.84 BTC are split between the top 10 users.
  • BitcoinCash: Five prizes that add up to 18.5 BCH.
  • Dogecoin: A total of 975,000.00 DOGE and 320 lotto tickets split between 5 users.
  • Dash: Top 5 users can win up to 18.50 DASH.
  • Ethereum: A total of 21.80 ETH and 828 lotto tickets are split between the top 10 users.
  • Ethereumclassic: 5 users receive 185.00 ETC based on their position.
  • Litecoin: Top 7 users get up to 42.50 LTC and 790 lotto tickets.
  • NeoGas: Top 5 users split up to 290.00 GAS total bonuses.
  • Monero: Top 5 users are distributed 23.30 XMR total bonuses.
  • Stratis: 5 users will win 1,155.00 STRAT total bonuses based on their position.

CryptoGames 24/7 Customer Support System:

CryptoGames offers an excellent and assuring customer support to its users. The players can use the chatbox as a Live Support where a moderator will always be present to help any user with their problems. People can also reach Support via email and can expect a reply within an hour. CryptoGames offers support at the weekends as well. People can also reach support through the bitcointalk forum in the announcement thread and can directly contact them over there by sending a personal message. Tickets can also be opened through Zendesk, the official support desk of CryptoGames. No matter through which medium the user contacts the casino

the user can expect to receive a premium support help.

Gambling Policies and Well-being of the Users:

CryptoGames has gone above and beyond to make sure that all their users are being treated fairly. CryptoGames considers its users as an indispensable part of the casino and would never disregard them or treat them poorly. Keeping this in mind CryptoGames has taken steps to make sure that its users are gambling responsibly and safely. A user can click on the “Self-Exclude” option if they feel like they are spending too much time on gambling. This will lock their account and will prevent them from getting access for a certain period. Users can also contact support if they are having trouble with any sort of gambling addiction and will be guided in a proper way. 

Our Conclusion:

We are pleased to give CryptoGames a good review as it has all the proper and essential features of a casino. Their strict stance on ethical gambling and user security makes them easily one of the best in the industry. The casino offers games in a lightweight design that can be easily accessed and navigated from any device. Their provably fair odds ensure that users can win big at any of the games. Moreover, they provide detailed guides and instructions for novice gamblers to help them better understand and play the games. We would like to recommend CryptoGames to any and all gamblers for a relishing gambling experience. 

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