DataBroker DAO Extends Token Distribution Event To Coincide With Its Chinese Roadshow Plan As It Doubles Token Amount For Investors

A world full of small, internet-connected smart devices that are constantly collecting data for their users, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a major market worldwide. An estimated  1,200,000,000,000 devices will be connected to the internet by 2019. The increased level of small, yet smart devices used in daily lives, ranging from simple monitoring cameras to the complex onboard computers in cars, means that an immense amount of data is generated

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The blockchain based DataBroker DAO is a platform that enables users to monetize their IoT data that would otherwise be isolated. The platform connects different data seekers and sellers from all over the world to create a marketplace, unlocking an astounding USD 120,000,000,000 that would stay idle and unused.

DataBroker’s Chinese Connection

DataBroker DAO development team has realized that by its sheer size, the Chinese market is the biggest when it comes to IoT. Considering that the market is worth $80,000,000,000, the logical decision was to start a campaign to attract people to its platform.

In this regard, DataBroker DAO has announced a set of dates where it will participate in various blockchain forums and gatherings. The dates and locations are as under:

  • 12-13 June: Shanghai
  • 14 June: Hanzhou
  • 15 June: Guanzhou
  • 26-17 June: Shenzhen
  • 18 & 22 June: Shanghai

Token Dates Extension

In line with the roadshow to promote its platform in China, the data marketplace has extended its token generation event till the end of 30th of June. This will give Chinese investors time to stake in the DTX token. DataBroker DAO has also delayed the listing of its token on the CoinFalcon exchange so that all investors are at an equal footing. The platform hopes to have investments worth 108,000,000 DTX by the time the extended event concludes. Along with this, DataBroker DAO is also looking into listing its token at a reputable Chinese exchange.

DTX Doubling

After an intense discussion with community members and extending event times for the Chinese market, the platform has decided to double the amount of DTX available for investors.

Previously, the exchange rate for the token was 4000 DTX = 1 ETH. Now, the double rate of 8000 DTX = 1 ETH is applicable. This is not only for new investors but for those who have already invested.

New Partnerships

Along with the token and event extensions, the platform has not ignored the importance of alliances. Aerodyne, a global drone management solution provider with more than 35,000 flight operations and 100,000 site inspections under their Drones as a Service (DaaS) operations model, has partnered with DataBroker DAO to allow drone users to sell their drone data (photos, videos, GPS and other sensory data).

With new alliances, more tokens and entrance into the world’s biggest market, DataBroker DAO will enable users to access and sell untapped data worth billions of dollars.

For more information about the roadshow dates and updates on the token event, visit the DataBroker DAO website: https://databrokerdao.com/

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