Trezor Model T

Design Flaw Puts all Trezor Hardware Wallets at Risk

Hardware wallets are a great way to protect one’s crypto assets. In the case of Trezor, however, there are a few key issues to be addressed.

The Kraken Security labs tea has found a way to extract seeds from Trezor hardware wallets.

Your Trezor Isn’t Safe Around People

More specifically, these problems seemingly affect both of the company’s models.

It takes literally 15 minutes to obtain the seeds, albeit it does require physical access to the device in question.

That means that most users sitting at home will remain safe from harm for the foreseeable future. 

Apparently, the Trezor hardware is subject to a voltage glitch that allows the extraction of an encrypted seed.

The seed can be cracked, as it requires a PIN of up to 9 digits. 

There are only so many possible combinations, which a brute forcer can identify in mere minutes.

All of this made possible thanks to a flawed microcontroller in the Trezor wallets.

That also means these issues cannot be resolved without revising the hardware units as a whole.

All of this will not help the popularity of Trezor in the crypto hardware wallet space.

While these devices are more popular than KeepKey, this flaw causes plenty of concerns.

Speaking of which, Kraken Security Labs identified a nearly identical flaw in the KeepKey wallet. 


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