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NullTX HASHWallet

A New Generation of HardWallet: How HASHWallet Protocol Protects Users Cryptocurrencies on Blockchain

Data breaches are a major concern to internet users, organizations, and governments. In 2013, almost 3 million customer credit card records were stolen from the Adobe database. Also, information pertaining to 60 million users was accessed on the U.S Postal Service database. These breaches come with financial costs and can […]


What is the Ballet Hardware Wallet?

In the cryptocurrency world, there are multiple ways to keep funds secure. The best way to do so is by using a hardware wallet. Although several offerings exist already, it seems Ballet can be added to this list moving forward. It is a new venture by Bobby Lee, the former […]

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What Is the BitFi Wallet?

Even though there are a plethora of Bitcoin wallet solutions on the market, competition is always more than welcome. BitFi Wallet aims to introduce competition by offering a physical product which offers decentralization, security, and convenience rolled into one. The BitFi Wallet Explained Various companies offer Bitcoin hardware wallets nowadays. It is […]

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What Is the CoolWallet S?

Hardware wallets are an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry. They are an excellent way of keeping one’s cryptocurrency portfolio safe from harm. The CoolWallet S claims to be the ultimate Bitcoin wallet, even though it’s not just useful for BTC. A wide range of other currencies and tokens are […]