Dogecoin’s Market cap Rises to $296m Following Solid Gains

Although the holidays are almost upon the world, there is still plenty of time to talk about Dogecoin. This meme currency of the internet continues to do its job quite well, although it seems to go by unnoticed by a lot of people. After recent successes this week, Dogecoin is almost back at a market cap of $300m. Quite an achievement for a project most people still don’t take seriously.

Dogecoin Price Uptrend is Intact

It is always interesting to see how different cryptocurrency markets evolve on any given day. An overall positive and semi-bullish sentiment doesn’t necessarily mean all currencies rise in value at the same time. Some currencies tend to do their own thing first and foremost, which is a bit awkward but also exciting. Dogecoin is a great example, even when it does follow Bitcoin’s trend for a change.

In the past 24 hours, there has been a new 3.5% increase in Dogecoin‘s USD value. There is also a 1% increase in the DOGE/BTC ratio, which is also interesting to keep an eye on. Thanks to these gains, one DOGE is now valued at $0.0025 again. That has proven to be somewhat of a stable price level for this altcoin.

On social media, there are some interesting tidbits of news pertaining to Dogecoin. DogePal, the service to send DOGE all over the world, has received another update. It now offers invoices and messaging features for users to explore. Services like these can genuinely improve the usability of Dogecoin, which bodes well for the future of this project.

As Christmas is very close now, it is important to keep the important things in mind at all times. Some people see this as a golden opportunity to introduce Dogecoin-related decorations for Christmas, which is always an interesting sight. It is evident the “shibe christmas” of 2018 could prove to be a rather enjoyable one, all things considered.

One could not close out the weekend without a proper Dogecoin meme. The image shared by Monroe Nosnow is a rather interesting one, as it features not one but six total shibes. Design-wise, it is a more than appealing picture, although it remains to be seen if there will, in fact, be a Dogecoin price eruption in 2019.

All things considered, the Dogecoin price will continue to follow its own path regardless of what other cryptocurrencies are doing. That is one of its strengths throughout 2018, although it too shows bullish signs at this time. How long this trend will remain in place, is always difficult to predict. The markets are not out of the woods yet at this time.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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