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DogePal Takes Dogecoin Mainstream and Introduces Anonymous Tipping

New services come to market in the cryptocurrency world on a regular basis. Even though Dogecoin is often overlooked in terms of long-term potential, the new Dogepal service seems to introduce some interesting changes.

The DogePal Concept

At first, people may assume DogePal is a direct competitor to PayPal. While that is somewhat true, the core business is different. It combines a login system and decentralized Dogecoin wallet to introduce email-to-email payments in DOGE. It can be used across mobile devices and computers alike, which shows cross-platform compatibility remains vital to take cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

How Does it Work?

The service provided by DogePal is very simple. All one needs is a recipients email address to send them money in the form of Dogecoin. Users create an account through a login and password. If the password is lost, it can be reset by the user, though they will not be able to recover the Dogecoins in their account. As such, backing up the private key associated with the DogePal account is the number one priority for all users.

Additionally, DogePal wants to position itself as an advertising platform for all things related to Dogecoin. Through this service, users will be kept up-to-date on all new and exciting developments affecting the meme coin. For now, companies looking to advertise will be able to do so free of charge, although it remains to be seen if DogePal will become a mainstream service in the future.

It would appear the goal is to turn DogePal into a cross-solution login system which may be embraced by other platforms and applications in the future. For now, that seems rather unlikely, although there is still a lot of work on the horizon for the DogePal developers. With a more professional-looking website, things might improve a bit over the coming months.

The Road Ahead

A new addition has been made to DogePal over the past few days. The platform now supports anonymous Dogecoin tipping, which will undoubtedly be of great interest to a lot of community members. This shows the service will continue to grow and evolve, even though it will take some time until the mainstream users take it seriously. Advancing the Dogecoin ecosystem needs to be done one small step at a time.


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