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Ethereum Developers can Attain Scalability Through Elastos

The debate regarding Ethereum’s scaling problems is still in full effect. One possible solution comes in the form of a sidechain, known as Elastos. 

It is not the first time the idea of utilizing a sidechain for Ethereum comes to the surface.

Elastos has Arrived on Ethereum

Until the developers can figure out a viable counter of their own, any intermediary solution needs to be explored.

In a recent blog post, the Elastos team confirmed the launch of their Ethereum sidechain.

The source code will be made open source, allowing any developer to audit the code and suggest potential improvements.

This new chain is also capable of supporting all of Ethereum’s smart contracts.

For those developers looking for  a scaling solution for their contract or dApp, Elastos might offer something worth looking into. 

Over the past few months, Elastos was only available on the main net to select developers.

They were tasked with future-proofing this Ethereum sidechain and ensure no issues persisted.

Several projects have already been built on this new solution.

It has a block explorer, a fork of the MyCrypto wallet, and even a faucet.

All of this goes to show developers are eager to get their hands on some new toys to play around with.  

It remains to be seen how this extra layer will be utilized moving forward.

There are dozens of dApps running on Ethereum that all need more scaling solutions.

With Elastos, a lot of those concerns could be alleviated, even if just temporarily. 


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