Top 7 Things I Wish I Knew as a New GTA 5 Online Player

I’ve been playing GTA 5 Online for quite some time now. I’ve reached level 300+ and made over $100 million in the game. Today I’m here to share the top 7 things I wish I knew as a brand new GTA Online player. If you’re just now getting starting with GTA, I hope this article saves you from making costly mistakes that can delay your progress and hinder your overall experience of the game. Without further ado, let’s get started:

#7 Invest your money in businesses not vehicles

When brand new players hop on GTA Online, their first instinct is to buy the coolest looking supercar. The problem with that, is it’s extremely easy to blow millions upon millions on cool looking cars that you will most likely never use after the first day you get them.

As a new player it’s important to have a steady source of passive income before resorting to rewarding yourself with toys. The same principle applies in real life, you don’t buy an expensive car if you don’t have a steady income.

There are some vehicles that are worth purchasing such as the Armored Kuruma and the Buzzard, as those vehicles are extremely helpful for grinding. Think of it this way, if it takes you 5 hours to grind up $2 million and you blow it all on an expensive car, you will have to spend another 5 hours to make that money back. However, if you spend that $2 million on a CEO Wharehouse, Vehicle Warehouse, or any MC business, you will cut the time it takes to grind up that $2 million again which will help you make more money in the long run.

#6 Make sure to purchase businesses and properties in optimal locations

For every business there are multiple locations available. Some locations are more expensive than others and for the right reasons, because a business in a terrible location like Paleto bay will have extremely annoying sell missions which will only delay your grind. Check out The Professional’s video on youtube on optimal business locations if you are not sure about which location is the best.

#5 Taking advantage of 2X activities

Every Thursday Rockstar announces this weeks double money activities. You can find the info on R* Newswire which gets updated once a week. By participating in double money activities you are guaranteed to earn a decent amount of money to help you expand your criminal empire. Many times, you might get tired of doing the same boring grind so switching things up by playing double money jobs you can have fun while making a good amount of cash.

#4 Don’t buy things at full price, wait until they are on sale

If you are saving up for something, it’s always a good idea to try and buy it on sale. Let’s say it’s Tuesday and you want to purchase that supercar, wait until the Thursday double money and discount reset to see if maybe the car you want goes on sale.

It’s always a good idea to buy businesses / vehicles while they are on sale as the discounts can be pretty significant. One time Rockstar had a 90% sale on all Yachts, this means you could get a $10 million Yacht for a measly $1 million!

#3 Utilizing your phone contacts

There are quite a few contact in your phone that you should become familiar with and utilize to your advantage. Let’s go over the useful contacts in your phone and what they do:

Mors Mutual Insurance – This is the first contact most new players familiarize themselves with as you call MMI to recover a destroyed vehicle. This contact is pretty self explanatory.

Lester – This is the second contact most new players get familiar with. The most useful functions for the Lester contact is Removing your wanted level, removing you off the radar for 1 minute, and setting bounties on annoying players.

Mechanic – This is another useful contact. You can call your mechanic to deliver any vehicle to you from your garages. That means you don’t have to drive to a garage to get the vehicle you want.

Assistant – This is a lesser known contact that can still be extremely useful. The Assistant can recover your vehicle from the impound for $1000. This can save you time traveling to the impound lot to recover your vehicle when the cops killed you with your personal vehicle nearby. Another useful feature from the Assistant is the Luxury Helicopter which allows you to fast travel to select locations on the map.

#2 AFK Farming

AFK Farming is the best method of making money in the end game of GTA. Once you have most businesses you can link them to your Nightclub. The Nightclub Warehouse workers will accure goods from your linked businesses as long as you are in a session in GTA Online.

The idea here is to go afk while in a session so the Nightclub can accure product, then you do an easy sell mission and profit over $1 million in a matter of minutes. The best way to AFK is to go to your apartment and hop on the security cameras by going to your TV and switching two channels to the right. This way you can leave your PS4 overnight and come back in the morning to an easy million.

#1 Don’t buy the Mule Custom!

I made this mistake myself, and the Mule Custom is my most regretted purchase in GTA Online. The Mule Custom is a vehicle used for Nightclub sale missions. There are three vehicles used in the Nightclub: Speedo Custom, Mule Custom and Pounder Custom.

Depending on how much product you are selling you will get one of the three vehicles. If you sell around $500,000 worth of product you will get the Speedo Custom Van, if you sell between $500k – $1.1m you will get the Mule Custom, and if you sell above that you will get the Pounder Custom Truck.

The problem is that the Mule Custom is an extremely slow vehicle, and because most of my sales are in the $500k – $1m range I end up with this vehicle all the time. If I were to only purchase the Speedo Custom and the Pounder Custom, then any sale mission over $500k would default to the Pounder Custom, which is surprisingly much faster than the mule.

Unfortunately, you can’t sell any of the Nigthclub vehicles so once you purchase the Mule you’re stuck with it.

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Is there anything you wish you knew as a new player to GTA Online that I haven’t covered here? Let me know!

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