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Fornite Players Becomes the Latest Victims of Bitcoin Stealing Malware

Criminals have shown a keen interest in cryptocurrency over the past few years. Tackling this industry is done through many different ventures, all of which tend to be quite prominent in their own way. The distribution of malware now takes another turn for the worse, as Fortnite players have been targeted by Bitcoin wallet-stealing software.

The Gaming-Cryptocurrency Link

It is safe to assume a large portion of video game enthusiasts also know about cryptocurrencies. This is especially interesting to keep an eye on through platforms such as Twitch, where Bitcoin seemingly becomes a topic of debate on a regular basis. As such, criminals are taking notice of these trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. That is not a positive sign by any means, and things may get worse from here on out.

A new campaign to distribute cryptocurrency-stealing malware is aimed at Fortnite gamers specifically. That trend is not really surprising at this time, as Fornite has quickly become one of the world’s most popular video games across many different platforms. For criminals, this creates a new opportunity worth exploring.

To put this in perspective, some platforms are providing free Android versions of the Fortnite game. Even though this game can be played on mobile, these clients are not entirely legitimate. They provide access to the Fortnite game, but the promise of “free V-Bucks” is something to be wary of at all times. Combined with cheats, wallhacks, and aimbots, these packages are usually designed to serve one specific purpose: stealing Bitcoin.

It appears a lot of these fake versions are advertised on YouTube. This confirms the intent of distributing malware and committing theft. Rest assured YouTube will take down most of the videos fairly quickly, but they should have never been allowed in the first place. Any cheat tool or claim of “free V-Bucks” needs to be avoided, as these packages will only cost the end user something, rather than providing something for free.

As is usually the case, the end user is responsible for downloading the malware-laden package and installing it accordingly. Anyone who takes the necessary precautions will not run into any problems right away, primarily because these files need to be downloaded from dodgy websites and side-loaded on one’s computer or mobile device. Filling in a survey to be given access to cheat tools should also set off some red flags for most people.

The malware identified by Malwarebytes is interested in a few specific types of information. This includes Bitcoin wallets, Steam session, and browser cookies. Surprisingly, some malware also claims to sell “additional Fortnite cheats” for $80 to be paid in Bitcoin. Criminals remain keen on Bitcoin and altcoins, and they will continue to pursue every option at their disposal to make a quick buck.


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