Fortnite Players Remain Ahead of /r/Cryptocurrency Reddit Token Holders

Ever since various Reddit communities began issuing their own native ERC20 tokens, there has been a global interest in the adoption of these tokens. FOrtnite users are still well ahead in terms of holders and the total supply, that much is certain. 

The Reddit Points Tracker on DappRadar is very interesting.

Fortnite Players are More keen on Reddit Tokens

It shows how Reddit community members approach these new tokens.

So far, it merely tracks the /r/FortniteBR and /r/cryptocurrency communities. 

Unlike what most people expected, the Fortnite players seem to be smitten more by these tokens compared to their crypto counterparts. 

More specifically, there are more holders among Fortnite gamers than among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

There are also more Bricks in supply compared to Moon tokens.

Fortnite players also seem more eager to transfer tokens, either in terms of accessing premium Reddit features or to  sell the tokens accordingly. 

The “biggest” holder of Bricks has 149,420 points, or 3.2%  of the entire supply.

For Moon tokens, the top holder has 2.2% of the supply, or 99,254 points.

It would appear that these statistics may not change around all that much moving forward. 

The /r/cryptocurrency Reddit community needs to step up its game, even if that means downloading the Reddit application for mobile.

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