Genesis Mining Relaunches Bitcoin Mining Contracts

Genesis Mining is the leading cloud mining provider in the cryptocurrency world, and they’re once again issuing Bitcoin mining contracts for miners who don’t have the time, expertise, or wherewithal to get their shovel dirty in the crypto sphere. Mid last week they’ve announced the relaunch of their popular Bitcoin cloud mining contracts, which sold out in a matter of hours after the initial launch last November.

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With over 2 million customers, Genesis is outpacing industry competition. And they’re once again offering hashpower contracts for their cutting-edge mining hardware and software— secured across mining farms across the world—to the public. It’s a rare opportunity for both novice and savvy miners to piggyback off Genesis Mining’s proprietary systems and investment in critical infrastructure. With a contract from Genesis, miners can gain a foothold in a space with daunting—and ever-rising—barriers to entry.

While newcomers continue to flock to the crypto mining landscape, the Genesis Mining team has set themselves apart by fortifying their mining framework. As past contract launches have proved, demand for outsourced crypto mining services is overwhelming. But the company’s first go-round has prepared them to cater to a broader client base.

Commenting on the relaunch, Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng said,“Last year we simply found ourselves in a situation where the demand was simply greater than the supply we had available at that time. Over the past six months, we’ve dedicated significant resources to expanding our operations and developing our new GM Radient Technology which will give us the highest level of efficiency we’ve ever had”

With this enhanced awareness of the demand for crypto mining services that exists among the general public, Genesis wants to ensure that when their customers want something, they are the ones who deliver. The ability to choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoin contracts means more flexibility for customers to mine coins that they understand and believe in. They can also choose from different degrees of hashpower, with different plans catering to various mining budgets.

Among even savvy crypto investors, the prospect of mining can seem unrealistic because of the hardware, energy, and maintenance needs. For those who are aware of the value of mining yet don’t have a wealth of working knowledge that would allow the assembly of the hardware needed to mine at home, Genesis Mining’s contracts are an ideal alternative. These contracts also serve as an opportunity to rid yourself of that fear of missing out that you haven’t been able to shake since you passed on early cryptocurrency investment.

Those seeking to rectify their past crypto complacency by getting in on the burgeoning trend in crypto mining should know that time is not to be wasted. Last year, Genesis’ initial stable of contracts was depleted in a matter of 72 hours, and their customer base of 2 million-plus people is not known for sitting on their hands. The contracts are available now, but now won’t last forever.

Mining never sleeps, and Genesis Mining’s cloud crypto contracts won’t wait for the hesitant or slow-fingered.

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