Google Wants to Design Computer Chips With Artificial Intelligence

There are many possible use cases for artificial intelligence. Google is now exploring this technology as a way to design computer chips.

Currently, the design of computer chips is still done by human engineers.

A Different Take on Artificial Intelligence

That situation may come to change, at least where Google is concerned.

The technology giant is looking at implementing artificial intelligence to design computer chips in under six hours.

All of this is achieved through a learning-based approach to chip design based on past experiences.

As promising as this sounds, it is just a preprint paper at this time.

A lot more research and development is required prior to making this happen.

It is not the first time Google proposes using artificial intelligence for such a purpose either.

The idea has been floating around the company’s hallways for over a month.

By replacing humans with artificial intelligence, the process of chip design can be sped up significantly.

Additionally, this new option is certainly cost-effective, and can occur around the clock, 365 days a year.

Currently, this process – involving humans – takes several weeks to complete at best. 

By cutting down that time to just 6 hours, a lot of significant progress can be made in this industry over the years to come.

Image(s): Shutterstock.com

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