ICO All-In To Help Users Make More Educated Investments Into ICO’s

ICO All-In is a new platform that allows users to take a holistic view on upcoming ICO’s, in order to determine which prospects are worth investing money into.

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Platform to easily display information needed, ICO All-In fills need

As crowd sales have become the de facto standard in raising funds within the cryptocurrency sphere, token sales and announcements pop up every day. With an overwhelming sea of information, a need for a single, reliable, and comprehensive platform arose.

That’s where the Hong Kong based ICO All-In platform comes in to play. The platform allows users to compare several ICO’s at once across different factors. Users can check the progress of current ICO’s, review ones that have ended, as well as schedule their calendars for upcoming ICO’s.

Ranking System/ Methodology

ICO All-In also categorizes each ICO by industry, as well as gives them each a rating from A (BTC/ETH competitor) to E (fraud). U is also assigned for unrated ICO’s. A higher rating is given to projects that are revolutionary, but also farther along the developmental stage.

For example, a project that has been online for couple years seeking funding for expansion would be ranked higher compared to a startup with no product in an untested market.

The platform combines two ways of evaluation:

The first method is through a standard rating system (described above), collecting information on the projects, and man-machine integration (use of AI in collaboration with IBM’s Watson AI program.

The AI will be used to score the project as well as give the project objective assessments.

A team of internal and external experts are then brought in, to anticipate future benefits and risks of the project. The team is also invited for their subject and objective judgements regarding the outlook of the ICO.

The above two methods draw basis from modern financial theory and methods, in order to provide high ROI portfolios for ICO investors. ICO All-In’s website goes into depth regarding their methodology, and what exactly is taken into consideration.

ICO All-in also plans to publish expert and public evaluations in the future, allowing viewers to compare the difference between the both for even better feedback.

ICO projects are able to submit information about their mission to the platform, allowing the startups to make sure the platform is getting verified facts. Users can then back the ICO’s directly from the platform, allowing projects to gain exposure from more confident backers.

Private sales through the platform possible

ICO All-In’s platform also allows access to private sales that users would not be able to access anywhere else. This creates a win-win situation for both the platform and participating crowd sales.

For more information, to submit your own ICO project, or to invest in other ICO’s, check out the  website. To keep in touch with the community and team members to discuss the platform or ICO’s, hop on to the ICO All-in Telegram channel. For social media updates, make sure to follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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