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Is Cryptocurrency The Future?

The cryptocurrency industry is a developing ecosystem gradually gaining ground in the established financial institutions of developed countries. Both public and commercial sectors are becoming increasingly open to incorporating cryptocurrencies into their financial transactions, such as payment processing, value storage, and investment. Many believe that decentralized finance, or DeFi, could […]

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Are Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology the Best Investment You Could Make in 2020?

Blockchain is one of the most innovative technologies in modern times. This relatively new tech is already disrupting many industries, from logistics to manufacturing, finance, and more. This technology can replace old infrastructures with more cost-effective, transparent, secure, and reliable infrastructures. Through the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) companies […]

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Revolut Wants to Boost Crypto Asset Adoption

Allowing consumers to be exposed to cryptocurrencies will allow this industry to thrive. Revolut, a digital bank, is doing exactly that, in an effort to push more users to diversifying their portfolio.  It is evident that the financial impact of the coronavirus is still being underestimated. Revolut Explores a Different […]


Top 13 5G Stocks to Invest In

In the technology industry, there is a growing focus on 5G connectivity. While not all countries around the world will jump on this new technology right away, some substantial progress has been made in the past few months. This also makes it a lot more appealing to invest in 5G […]


How to Invest in Blockchain Stocks?

Whereas a lot of people are merely interested in speculating on cryptocurrencies, the option to invest in blockchain stocks cannot be overlooked either. It is relatively easy to do so, since it does not involve cryptocurrency exchanges whatsoever. Similar to other investments, blockchain stocks also come with their own advantages, […]