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IEO of BeatzCoin, 2nd highest ranked Tron SR, to be hosted on ProBit Exchange

BeatzCoin is currently the second highest ranked Super Representative (SR) out of the Top 27 SRs on the TRON blockchain. With more than 470 million frozen TRX in votes, representing over 5.5% of all votes in the SR-elections, BeatzCoin has been able to rise to this position primarily due to a wave of community support for its music and video platform, VibraVid.

BeatzCoin has risen to become the 2nd highest ranked TRON SR, with more than 470 million TRX in community votes.

VibraVid, which is launching this month, is in many senses the ideal blockchain-based app for the TRON blockchain. By enabling artists, musicians and content creators to upload, price, sell and own their work, VibraVid is facilitating a new peer-2-peer economy through a direct link between creators and users.

Additionally, VibraVid is the first project in the blockchain space to successfully implement BitTorrent File System (BTFS) as its decentralized storage solution. By storing all the uploaded content, songs and videos through the BTFS protocol, VibraVid ensures that the platform’s library of files does not have a central point of failure, a problem that centralized platforms suffer from today. 

VibraVid will be powered by the TRON-based TRC-10 token, BeatzCoin (BTZC), and the initial exchange offering (IEO) of BTZC will commence on September 30 on the regulated and reputable Korean Probit Exchange. ProBit is a global cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea, with an easy and fast on-boarding process for international and US-based users via

BeatzCoin chose ProBit to host its IEO following months of research and due diligence into hundreds of IEO exchange alternatives. ProBit was finally chosen based on its impeccable reputation, successful history of supporting countless IEO projects, advanced security and simple user interface.

BeatzCoin will host its IEO on ProBit Exchange from September 30, which boasts secure storage with more than 95% of assets in cold storage and multi-factor authentication

Given that the original vision of TRON was to enable free storage for content creators and to facilitate a peer-2-peer ecosystem in which artists and creators could be directly paid for the work by their fans, followers and user, VibraVid is in many way fulfilling this mission. Moreover, today’s centralized streaming giants, led by YouTube, are censoring and demonetizing certain channels based on the argument that these channels may be spreading controversial political opinions, conspiracy theories or even criticism against YouTube itself. 

VibraVid prides itself to protecting every users inherent right to have a voice and freedom of speech, so long as it is not deemed illegal in certain jurisdictions. Whether someone believes the earth is flat, is a conspiracy theorist, have alternative political views or unpopular opinion, VibraVid will protect your right to say it. 

The growing demonetization problem is solved by VibraVid’s simple features that gives the ownership back to the creator. Thereby, the uploader decides whether to set a price for its content, give out a bounty for anyone who watches or listens to their work, or simply allow free streaming. 

VibraVid strongly believes that given the chance, many fans will warmly welcome a platform and medium where they can openly support their favorite artists directly through micro-transactions. Not through greedy middlemen or centralized platforms that take the great majority of revenues generated from the content uploaded by struggling artists, musicians or vloggers. VibraVid rewards the artists with 95% of the revenues generated from their content.

Each VibraVid user has their own personal BeatzCoin wallet, where all their BTZC and TRX are securely stored

Each VibraVid user has their own personal BeatzCoin wallet, where all their BTZC and TRX are securely stored

BeatzCoin has recently signed partnerships with Changelly to be listed alongside Bitcoin and 150 other major cryptocurrenceis for direct swaps, as well as hardware wallet manufacturer Ellipal, aimed at raising security among VibraVid users. 

With more than 500 artists already signed up for VibraVid’s artist accelerator program and ready to release their content upon the launch of the MVP, in addition to the open support of influential advisers like John McAfee, VibraVid aims to disrupt the world of online entertainment by assisting one artist at a time to earn a fair living.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release

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