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India Threatens With Jail Time for Citizens not Using its Coronavirus Contact Tracing app

The coronavirus crisis has certainly sparked a lot of controversial debate. When it comes to getting people to install a contact tracing app, forcing them to do so is always an option in India.

Protecting consumers from the coronavirus remains a top priority at all times.

A Controversial Coronavirus Solution

Coming up with ways to do so adequately is not an easy task.

Many governments mull the idea of using contact tracing apps, although they remain very contested solutions.

In India, the usage of such applications is now being enforced by city officials.

More specifically, residents of the city of Noida will have to install the coronavirus app or risk punishment.

Anyone caught without the app on their found may be sent to jail for up to six months.

It is a very aggressive approach to curb the coronavirus crisis, and one that will backfire more than anything else.

To ensure everyone complies, local police will conduct spot checks.

For those who do not own a smartphone, the situation is extremely problematic.

A legal challenge regarding this order is underway, albeit it remains to be seen if anything will come of it.

If this venture proves successful, it is not unlikely to assume that it will show up in other parts of India fairly soon.


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