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Top 5 Privacy Tokens Below the $0.2 Price Mark to Watch in September 2022

Privacy Tokens, as the name implies, are cryptocurrencies engineered to ensure privacy, especially their user’s transaction details. They make it difficult to decipher a wallet’s address, preserving the user’s anonymity. Privacy tokens are part of a highly popular niche of cryptocurrencies, similar to Web3 coins, DeFi tokens, and Metaverse crypto […]


Monero Mining via Tor is now an Option

The mining of privacy coins has always been rather interesting. Xmrig, one of the mining tools for Monero, now has built-in Tor support. For a privacy-oriented digital asset, embedding any level of privacy is crucial. Mining XMR Over Tor Whereas most tend to stick with Tor and never look further, […]


3 Prominent Changes Coming to Firefox 69

The browser war between Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and others continues unabated. For companies developing these products, upgrades and improvements are required. Firefox version 69 will come with some very interesting updates. All of this functionality will of great value to users all over the world.  Blocking Crypto Miners One of […]