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India’s First Metaverse Marriage Scheduled on February 6th in TardiWorld

With the Metaverse gaining mainstream traction, it was only a matter of time until we started seeing wedding receptions enter the virtual realm. An Indian couple announced on January 10th their plans for the first Metaverse marriage in TardiWorld.

TardiWorld is a blockchain-based virtual reality platform where users can buy Land, create environments, shop in marketplaces, and collaborate with others.

While the platform is not yet available for users to check out, since the first Metaverse marriage is scheduled for February 6th, we can expect TardiWorld to launch sometime before that.

The news comes from Dinesh Kshtriyan, who posted a Tweet on January 10th with a trailer inviting users to save the date and join India’s first Metaverse marriage:

According to the Tweet, the marriage will happen in TardiVerse’s Metaverse, built on the Polygon blockchain.

More specifically, the wedding will happen inside the dining hall of Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter, since both the bride and groom are huge fans.

There’s no doubt that a Metaverse wedding isn’t the same as a real wedding, at least with the tech we currently have today. However, the idea of hosting major life events in the Metaverse is a perfect way to bring family and friends together without the hassle of having everyone meet at a particular place.

In addition, nothing is stopping the couple from hosting a real-life wedding in conjunction with the Metaverse one. After all, a Metaverse wedding is much cheaper than a traditional reception.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have much information on TardiVerse as the project doesn’t have a whitepaper or a Minimum Viable Product that users can check out. According to their official website, TardiWorld is a “mixed reality platform.” We can only assume that it will support VR headsets.

While some users claim that a Metaverse has to be a VR environment, plenty of Metaverse projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox feature in-browser 3D experiences.

It will be interesting to see how the wedding will work exactly, so I suggest marking your calendar for February 6th to witness the first-ever Metaverse marriage in 2022!

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Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash

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