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ORIGYN Foundation to Launch OGY Token Amid Major Partnerships

The most ambitious project on the Internet Computer (IC), developed by the DFINITY Foundation, gears up for major announcements.

On the heels of a major funding announcement in November, ORIGYN Foundation is set to launch the public listing of its native OGY utility token in the first quarter of 2022.

OGY provides governance and staking rewards for holders looking to participate in the Swiss foundation’s mission to identify, authenticate and unlock the powers of ownership for the world’s most valuable assets. OGY is used to create and transact certificates of authenticity on the ORIGYN platform, which is set to become the global authentication standard for luxury goods, fine art, collectibles, and digital media through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The pre-sale of the OGY Token in mid-2021 received overwhelming interest, adding to the mounting anticipation over the public token launch coming this year. ORIGYN Foundation is gearing up for a series of limited token drops, including one for an event at NFT Paris in January. It has kick-started a massive community campaign to launch its products across verticals to the world. 

Major Brand & Artist Partnerships

ORIGYN’s team of 60 employees have secured high-profile partnerships with the most prominent brands, creators, galleries, and artists in each of the four industry verticals:

ORIGYN Art, a democratized community that makes co-ownership of fine art accessible to everyone, is set to launch with a series of valuable masterpieces from which Digital Twin NFTs will be minted. These Digital Twins will serve to certify the artwork as authentic via blockchain technology that contains precise high-resolution scans of each piece and democratize art ownership by selling digital pieces as NFTs on an upcoming Impossible Art Marketplace. The first painting anticipated for sale is L’Horizon (1950, Oil on Canvas), a contemporary masterpiece by René Magritte, specifically selected to bring the ORIGYN technology to a new audience of art enthusiasts.

ORIGYN Art has also established partnerships with art galleries worldwide to serve as nodes to provide the expertise and validation behind the authentication process. This keeps authenticity paramount for artists, art owners, and digital investors.

ORIGYN Luxury, the only paperless digital certification technology that formally guarantees the authenticity of a luxury item through its biometrics, has forged partnerships with the biggest brands in the luxury goods market. Soon to be announced, brands include significant players in the luxury watch space and high-end fashion.

The Digital Twin NFT minting technology was first perfected on luxury watches, proving that a tamper-proof twin can exist as proof-of-authenticity on the blockchain (using the DFINITY canister SDK). The authentication technology is ultimately being made portable to scan their items using a smartphone camera. ORIGYN has secured partnerships with top watch manufacturers and certified pre-owned companies globally and will announce them in the coming months.

ORIGYN Collectibles, a platform designed to empower individuals with shared passions to buy, sell, trade, and experience collectors’ items on the blockchain, will soon announce partnerships and investments across unique collectibles, priceless musical instruments, historic sports memorabilia, and more. These items will be minted into NFTs, and many will be sold on an upcoming marketplace, catering directly to collectors of both NFTs and physical objects.

One of the projects soon to be announced in the first quarter of 2022 is a partnership with an esteemed creator and Hollywood fan-favorite. ORIGYN will mint exclusive NFTs from this project to offer to fans and the NFT investing community at large.

ORIGYN Digital Media, a comprehensive ecosystem built for media creators of all types to activate their social capital using blockchain technology, is set to announce partnerships with award-winning creators and artists whose work will be minted into ORIGYN NFTs. In collaboration with visionary institutions and creators, these solutions provide tooling for all forms of experiential content, artifacts, and marketplaces for the world’s most creative icons and their fans.

Initial partnerships will include iconic works from viral artists, creators, and professional athletes.

These partnership announcements will coincide with the public listing of the OGY Token. Interested community members can follow ORIGYN Foundation on Twitter and Telegram to stay abreast of airdrops, events, partnership announcements, and product updates.

ORIGYN Foundation Summary

ORIGYN Foundation deploys intelligent technologies on decentralized computing to identify, authenticate and unlock the powers of ownership for the world’s most valuable assets. By bringing NFTs to life with biometric data and unique ownership experiences, ORIGYN powers brands, creators, artists, marketplaces, consumers, and industries with guaranteed NFT certificates of authenticity.

ORIGYN is a Swiss nonprofit foundation and a forerunner building on the Internet Computer developed by the DFINITY Foundation.

Strategic partners include Bill Ackman’s Table Management, Polychain Capital, Paris Hilton, Coinko, Vectr Ventures, Carter Reum, Div Turakhia, and more.

For more information on ORIGYN Foundation, head to www.origyn.ch

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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