Leading Bitcoin Casino Launches Instant Cashback on All Bets with New Loyalty Club Program

The world’s leading Bitcoin casino with over 2,000 games,, continues to innovate in the gaming industry to provide its users with a superlative gaming experience. Its recent initiative, dubbed the Loyalty Club program, promises to level up the thrill for its users as it introduces a system that rewards gamers on every play — regardless of whether they win or lose.

Bitcasino has touted its new program, which consists of 7 levels and 22 milestones rewards, as a launchpad into a new cashback system. This improves greatly on the traditional system of deposit-based bonuses employed by most online casinos.

Striving for Excellence in UX Delivery

As always, the platform’s objective is to focus on the end-user – the gamers community; which has always been the crux of its existence. This new initiative centers on the loyal user base and will continue to reward the existing users with payouts for as long as they continue to play.

This initiative is only the latest in a constant remodeling effort derived from feedback and dialogue with the gaming community, proof that Bitcasino does listen to the feedback from its user base. Bitcasino’s director of casino Tauri Tiitsaar calls this initiative a “revolutionary program” that embodies the spirit of fun, fast and fair gaming:

“After receiving a lot of valuable feedback regarding how we reward players over the years, we knew from the beginning of the loyalty development process it was crucial for our players to be able to take full control of their rewards.”

Another advantage of this innovation, apart from replacing complex bonus systems, is that it gives the gamer direct access to bonus payouts in the simplest of terms. No longer is there a need to understand different and complicated conditions layered on each bonus type, as was in the past. 

Tauri has high hopes for the success of the program, hoping that it will give gamers “the all-important insight and ability to determine their own gaming experience”.

Loyalty Club Features

Rewards currently served by the Bitcasino platform include:

  •         Free spins on a player’s favorite games
  •         Up to 10% cash rebates
  •         Instant rewards
  •         Points multipliers
  •         Real money awards in a player’s preferred currency with no wagering requirements.

How does the Loyalty Club work?

There are milestones to be reached with levels based on player skills and experience. As each player levels up with more experience, they are incentivized to hit the next milestone. In other words, the more games played, the more the chance to level up and the greater the rewards for consistency on the Bitcasino platform.

The program will allow players to get bonus payouts on their bets without worrying about the outcomes and size of their bankroll. Every wager brings the player closer to the next milestone.

One important feature of the new loyalty program is the enabling environment for VIP status. Unlike on most counterpart Casinos, where VIP status is grossly biased and opaque, on the Bitcasino platform, requirements for the status are transparently displayed as a new level of bonuses specific to the player.

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