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Mythic Gods Unchained Card Sells for 210 Ether

Some decentralized applications have noted major successes in 2019. Gods Unchained can now be added to this list, as the project keeps making various headlines.

Blockchain-based trading card games have always been rather popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

A Major Gods Unchained Card Auction

So much even that some are willing to spend big money on the assets they can collect and own.

Among Gods Unchained players, one of the blockchain-based assets has sold for quite a lot of money at auction.

Atlas, as the card is called, was sold for 210 Ether, or $30,650 when converted to fiat currency.

This is a very steep amount for something one can’t even own in a traditional physical sense.

It is not uncommon for trading cards to fetch a high price, particularly when they are extremely rare.

This auction marks the second time a Gods Unchained card was sold for tens of thousands of dollars. 

As the Atlas card is uniquely minted and of the highest quality in the game, selling it at auction makes a lot of sense.

So far, the seller has indicated he or she is very pleased with the amount the card sold for.

That money will not be put to good uses, such as paying bills, like any other normal human being.

Players can obtain mythic cards in Gods Unchained by purchasing presale packs.

Even then, the odds of actually finding one are incredibly low. 

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