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gods unchained review

Mythic Gods Unchained Card Sells for 210 Ether

Some decentralized applications have noted major successes in 2019. Gods Unchained can now be added to this list, as the project keeps making various headlines. Blockchain-based trading card games have always been rather popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A Major Gods Unchained Card Auction So much even that some are willing […]

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10% of Millennials Are Selling Crypto to Afford Their First Home: $2B Real Estate Firm

According to Redfin, a multi-billion dollar real estate company listed on Nasdaq, 10 percent of millennials have sold their crypto holdings to afford their first home. Breakdown of Millennials’ Investment Strategies In March of this year, Redfin surveyed 2,000 US residents to understand the perspectives and concerns of both millennials […]