Nebulas Announces the Commencement of Incentive Programs

Nebulas represents a value-ranking, self-evolving and user-incentivising public blockchain ecosystem, which aims to offer its users next-generation incentive and consensus systems, alongside the ability to evolve without requiring a hard fork.

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The ecosystem has an incentive-based philosophy for decentralized collaborations, hence it has created several mechanisms meant to reward users for their participation on the network.

The Nebulas Incentive Program

A sustainable and healthy platform can only be achieved by facilitating the development of more and higher quality decentralized applications. Nebulas hopes to encourage this through its Incentive program. Therefore, Nebulas will offer developers 100 NAS for every Dapp submitted onto the network. Additionally, the Incentive Program also offers weekly developer rewards: 10,000 NAS for the weekly champion, 5,000 NAS for the 2nd prize, and 3,000 NAS for the third prize. 20 developers will be selected to receive the weekly excellence award, worth 300 NAS.

To further encourage competition, Nebulas is also offering a 20,000 NAS monthly developer award.

Users who would rather help the platform through referrals can participate in the monthly referral rewards, granting 10,000NAS as the first prize, 2,500 NAS for the 2nd prize and 1,000 NAS for the 3rd prize.

The Nebulas Super Contributors Program

As the ecosystem is based on principles such as transparency and openness, all community users, alongside media partners and other organizations are welcome to become super contributors. Holding this position comes with a bit of responsibility, as selected users will actively participate in the governance and decision-making process of Nebulas.

The selection criteria is mostly based on the number of users invited to the platform, thus super contributors represent the ecosystem’s top 20 promoters. With a prize pool of 10,000 NAS on a weekly basis, the awards will be distributed depending on the number of users invited.

The 20 super contributors alongside 3 Nebulas team members will make up the Dapps judge panel. Members will then vote on the Dapps they like best by sending NAS to smart contract addresses. Other awards will be given in exchange for participating in the judge panel.

For more information about the ecosystem and their award programs, feel free to check out the Nebulas Incentive Program, and the Nebulas Super Contributors Program.

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