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New Stellar-based Trading Platform Leverages Artificial Intelligence

The trading of digital assets is in very high demand these days. BRIDGE is a brand new solution to accommodate this type of behavior.

What makes BRIDGE so interesting is how it is based on Stellar technology.

BRIDGE Leverages Stellar Technology

The main bread and butter of BRIDGE is how it combined several trading tools

All of these options are designed to create the ultimate seamless experience for both novice and advanced users.

One of its core functions creates a direct link between traders and the top trading platforms around the globe.

An interesting way of sourcing liquidity without sacrificing security.

Secondly, there is an option to be exposed to artificial intelligence.

The use of AI will reduce risk and help traders increase their potential profits. 

Perhaps the most intriguing feature is an option to copy and paste existing strategies by other traders.

Albeit this functionality can be found across other platforms too, it remains to be seen how viable blindly following a strategy really is.

It is always good to see more competition emerge among digital asset trading providers.

Leveraging technology provided by Stellar can offer advantages, albeit they may not be apparent right away.

There will also be a native token associated with BRIDGE to help reduce on trading fees. 

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