Monero Mining via Tor is now an Option

The mining of privacy coins has always been rather interesting. Xmrig, one of the mining tools for Monero, now has built-in Tor support.

For a privacy-oriented digital asset, embedding any level of privacy is crucial.

Mining XMR Over Tor

Whereas most tend to stick with Tor and never look further, the Monero team has taken the opposite approach.

It is an anonymous cryptocurrency which offers permanent privacy, rather than doing so on demand.

To take this concept one step further, it is now possible to mine XMR in a more private manner as well.

For many Monero miners, this ushers in a healthy and welcome change.

The Xmrig software now has native Tor support which doesn’t require any external tools.

With 2 mining pools available via Tor already, it seems likely to assume that some of the mining power will follow this route.

After all, adding extra layers of privacy is never a bad idea when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

So far, the Monero community seems rather pleased with this new update.

While it may not be the most useful addition, it can certainly be beneficial to some.

Especially in certain regions, being able to hide mining activity from prying eyes may prove to be rather favorable. 


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