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A New Generation of HardWallet: How HASHWallet Protocol Protects Users Cryptocurrencies on Blockchain

Data breaches are a major concern to internet users, organizations, and governments. In 2013, almost 3 million customer credit card records were stolen from the Adobe database. Also, information pertaining to 60 million users was accessed on the U.S Postal Service database. These breaches come with financial costs and can ruin customers’ trust, which brings about a need for data security.

In line with that, data integrity is important. It ensures that stored information is unchanged irrespective of when, where, and how it is accessed. However, not many systems can offer this characteristic. A system that can, must be immutable, tamper-proof and decentralized.

Accordingly,  HASHWallet protocol has been used to develop a new generation kind of hardware wallet. This innovative hardware wallet is primarily designed to safeguard its users’ the shape of a convenient “smart card” full premium features —  which makes it easy for its users to move around with.

HASHWallet Offers High-Level Security and Ease of Use

HASHWallet is the first non-programmable hardware wallet, hence it offers a more secure environment for users to verify transactions. Here, a large e-ink screen is used to check and approve transactions, which eliminates the potential for fraud. What’s more, the private key on the smart card can never be extracted by the user. As such, the key can neither be lost nor stolen.

HASHWallet also features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for everyone to operate. Whether you are new to the cryptocurrency space, or you have little or no knowledge of gadgets, you can operate this wallet with ease. Moreover, it is the world’s first hardware wallet to feature a direct mobile application. The application can be used to manage the wallet and user’s funds from a smartphone.

HASHWallet has entered into an arrow certificate program         


Basically, the Arrow certification program is a partnership between Arrow and Indiegogo that gives entrepreneurs the necessary tools and services to bring their product ideas to life. Just recently, after deep investigation and scrutiny, HASHWallet has been endorsed and certified to be an “Arrow Certified Product.’’ In fact, the eSignus engineering team from HASHWallet is now working with ArrowGlobal to ensure that they build the most secure hardware wallet.

HASHWallet makes it Difficult for hackers to steal what they don’t know;

Actually, this device is designed to incorporate public-private key technology. So, anytime the card is initialized for the first time, it generates the key pairs in a random way and not based on any seed. The private key is kept inside without anyone knowing it not even the user. Therefore, what is not known and inaccessible is impossible to steal.

HASHWallet offers maximum security via Biometric Technology:

In many sectors or industries, when it comes to topnotch security, biometric authentication is no doubt one of the most reliable options for asset storage security. The crypto industry is no longer left out; HASHWallet has imbibed this form of security for the storage of its users’ crypto-assets. This technology solves one of the challenges facing cryptocurrencies — to protect owner identity.

HASHWallet offers an innovative key recovery system:

Safekeeping cryptocurrencies is hard work for some users. According to the recent research by Chainalysis, a digital forensics firm that examined the Bitcoin Blockchain,  about 3.79 million has already gone forever based on a high estimate and 2.79 million based on low. 

Statistically, we can say that Hardware wallets get lost all the time either from damage or misplacement. That is why HASHWallet comes with two Smart seed cards to provide an alternative way to access your funds if the wallet is lost. While activating HASHWallet for the first time, the seed cards are paired to the device via NFC. As a result, your Recovery Seed is stored on these cards. The card also generates a ‘Recovery Key’ that is stored on the eSignus Vault.

Also if it happens that you no longer have access to the HASHWallet, you can fall back on one of these cards. All that is required, is to purchase another HASHWallet and use one of the Seed cards to enter the Recovery Seed and Recovery Key. Your funds will then be accessible from the new HASHWallet.


HASHWallet protocol helps to protect users’ cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. Accordingly, users looking for a more secure way to transfer their virtual assets and in a faster manner need to take advantage of the HASHWallet. This hardware wallet is secure, easy to use, and has been built with the latest technology.

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