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Noteworthy Bitcoin Black Friday Deals for 2018

In the cryptocurrency world, catering to as many consumers as possible is always the number one priority. During events such as Black Friday, companies need to pull out all the stops to ensure they can gain a competitive edge first and foremost. Several deals and efforts have become apparent recently, although users also need to be aware of where they purchase specific goods.

The CoinCorner Discount For new Customers

One has to commend cryptocurrency exchanges for trying to offer something completely different these days. Rather than simply reducing trading fees to 0% or something similar, CoinCorner is actively paying new customers when they make their first cryptocurrency purchase. More specifically, the company will give away 20 GBP worth of Bitcoin for all new clients buying at least 100 GBP worth of cryptocurrency. It is a deal that simply makes a lot of sense.

The BitPay Song

Payment processors in the cryptocurrency world can’t do much to make transactions cheaper for either customers or merchants, unfortunately. What they can do, however, is do something different. The company went as far as to commission a song which may not necessarily be the winner of the next “The Voice” contest. Even so, it gets the word about Bitcoin out here, and may even get some more people excited about cryptocurrencies in general.

Hardware Wallets on Sale

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts may have noticed a few hardware wallet models are currently on sale. Especially the Ledger Nano S is getting quite cheap right now, as it can be picked up at a discount from most resellers. One thing to keep in mind is how such units should always be purchased from Ledger itself. Although one may be buying a sealed package at any time from Amazon or other vendors, there is a chance the device may have been compromised.

The Bitcoin Black Friday Platform

For those who simply want the best overview of all Bitcoin-related black Friday deals, a dedicated website was created for this specific purpose some time ago. Not all of the deals may be all that appealing to most users, although there is something for everyone this year. That is always a good sign, as it is usually very difficult to please most consumers.

Noteworthy deals this year include the discounts on VPM services accepting Bitcoin. In this day and age, online privacy is something that cannot be ignored whatsoever. Other options include nabbing some discounts at Newegg, as that company continues to accept Bitcoin payments despite the falling BTC prices these days.  

Furthermore, now is a good time to scoop up some Bitcoin merchandise to spread the word at home and at work. There are many different options to explore in this regard, and users should expect discounts of at least 10% when it comes to these particular products. The “HODL” mug certainly looks rather appealing, and it will undoubtedly spark some big debates moving forward.


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