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Notorious BitConnect Promoter Trevon James is now Advertising Hex

A new week dawns upon the cryptocurrency industry, and there is some more drama to go around. Trevon James, best known for his BitConnect antics, is now aligning himself with Hex. 

The Hex project has been very controversial from day one.

Hex and Trevon James are a Thing

It offers users decent returns, but the core business model raises a lot of questions. 

This negative image is only reinforced now that Trevon James is advertising the project on his YouTube channel.

Most crypto enthusiasts remember James form heavily promoting BitConnect and seemingly getting away with doing so. 

One of James’ new videos explains why viewers should take a closer look at Hex.

This is not necessarily a validation of the project, albeit James will seemingly attempt to make money through referral commissions regardless.

Interestingly enough, Hex creator Richard Heart shared his opinion on Trevon James and the BitConnect angle not that long ago.

It is very strange to see these two individuals “join forces” in an unconventional manner. 

Heart also confirms how every user onboard through Hex represents less money being invested into potential cryptocurrency scams.

A noble thought, even though his own project is often lumped together with this unsavory projects.

For the time being, it remains to be seen what will come of Hex and the involvement of one of BitConnect’s biggest promoters. 

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