NuGenesis’ Digitally Notarized Contracts (DNCs) with Arbitral Dispute Networks

What is NuGenesis?

NuGenesis is a team of businesspeople, engineers, web developers, and tech-savvy individuals, who are about to change the world. Headquartered primarily in Australia, with 7 physical office locations and 700+ employees worldwide, it’s a monster of an endeavor — and its blockchain is fully complete.

The layer 1 blockchain has been entirely developed, along with its native token, NuCoin — set to launch on popular exchanges in the coming months. It provides latency and scaling solutions, and it is gasless. Given the rampant gas-related issues plaguing Ethereum users these days, NuGenesis is built for widespread adoption.

The NuGenesis ecosystem has been designed to support a new metaphysical reality — from futuristic AI resurrecting our ancestors, to the virtual utopia of like-minded blockchain pioneers known as Farley Tech City. In doing so, NuGenesis has also addressed the problems associated with notarized documents, identity verification, and confirmation of electronic signatures.

The world has entered a new technological era. We all live in a metaverse, whether we know it or not. Everything is becoming increasingly expedient and accessible. The notarization process is yet another area of commerce to be transformed by the blockchain revolution. The revolutionary AI technology embedded in the NuGenesis protocol has brought Digitally Notarized Documents (DNCs) to the forefront of Web3 World.

What is Notarisation? And What Are Digitally Notarised Contracts?

Notarisation is the process by which the authenticity of signatures and documents is established to secure transactions and prevent potential disputes between parties. Notaries provide a service by witnessing or approving the contractual process and recording the copy of the notarial document. While useful at times, the traditional notary system in the legacy world creates many obstacles, such as delays, added expenses, third-party intermediaries, and other transaction costs.

NuGenesis’ Revolutionary DNC Technology

The NuGenesis revolution is a blockchain protocol that allows parties to make transfers of digital or physical assets. Smart Contracts are created and stored on the blockchain, and distributed ledgers and digital signatures are used in the Smart Contracts.

At present, many company operations and transactions between individuals are made or witnessed by notaries; this oftentimes creates issues with bureaucracy. The NuGenesis team has found a solution by making technological advancements that provide efficiency and reduce transaction costs to the notarization process, as well as the storage of notarised documents.

NuGenesis has developed a solution that allows owners of documents to confirm their ownership, proof of existence, protect rights, create contracts between parties, and have information of the latest signed documents on the blockchain. The internal AI can verify the signature authenticity on documents to confirm ownership. The parties remain assured by the immutability of the documents created and stored on the blockchain. There is no need for third-party intermediaries or human notaries. Now all you need is NuGenesis.

The Smart Contracts are time-stamped when they enter the NuGenesis blockchain. Timestamping means the data has been stamped by electronic signature by the NuGenesis internal AI technology in order to determine when electronic data is generated, changed, sent, received, and/or recorded.

The NuGenesis internal AI, NAVIS, replaces external oracles currently used in smart contract platforms. It supports the creation of extensive real-world contracts applicable to a wide array of standard commercial applications.

The NuGenesis protocol has self-enforcement capability powered by internal AI. Meaning, you’re not relying on a NuGenesis employee or another human validator. Instead, internal AI and smart contracts enforce the terms of contractual agreements; it is built directly into the protocol and will automatically execute a set of conditions upon the happening of whatever specified event(s).

Proof of Existence

The ability to certify existence is at the foundation of notarising; NuGenesis’ Revolutionary technology has been optimized to certify the existence of notarized documents effortlessly. Notarised documents themselves can be saved anywhere on the blockchain, anywhere upon any protocol interacting with it, or built upon it. Any modifications to notarised documents are detected and easily traced through the timestamps placed on the document.

The NuGenesis protocol securely stores an online distributed proof of existence for any file or document uploaded to the chain. However, the documents themselves are not stored on the blockchain. Instead, the blockchain stores a cryptographic digest of the file called a “hash”. The hash is linked to the timestamp of the submitted document. This essentially satisfies the proof of existence process, as it can be seen that it exists, at and from, a specific point of time onwards.

The key advantage of the NuGenesis Proof of Existence technology is that it provides privacy, in that it allows users to see the document exists and is authentic without necessarily accessing its contents. Furthermore, the blockchain provides decentralized proof that can’t be erased, modified, or replaced by anyone (including third parties and governments both foreign and domestic).

With NuGenesis’ AI, there is no way to insert a transaction with a document’s hash retroactively. It does not depend on any central trust authority, such as a human notary. All previous data and time stamping solutions lack this surety and freedom.

Proof of Ownership

In addition to its Proof of Existence capabilities, NuGenesis also provides Proof of Ownership in the form of Serialised Notarised Digital Assets (SNDA’s), also referred to as Interactive NFTs. With NuGenesis’ patented Interactive NFT technology, users can create assets to represent the terms of agreement or value exchanged.

With NuGenesis’ SNDA’s, each coin or asset is serialized with its own unique identifier that allows for the recovery of lost mnemonic phrases, as well as lost or stolen coins. It allows users to place conditions on each coin or asset, such as succession planning and automatic execution upon the user’s death. The SNDA’s can interact with the legacy world via RFID chips to facilitate the seamless transition during these technologically unsound times.

The future is uncertain, but with NuGenesis, it’s looking bright.

Website: https://nugenesisou.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nugenesisou

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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