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NullTX Announces Partnership With NulleX

Los Angeles, Oct 15th: Crypto news media NullTX announces a partnership with NulleX – a privacy-centric cryptocurrency. NullTX’s founder Marat Arguinbaev, will also be joining the NulleX team as an advisor, officially supporting the project.

At its core, NulleX is a clone of PIVX which in turn is a clone of DASH. NLX has masternodes and the ability to perform untraceable transactions. At the time of writing, NulleX is trading at $0.012, currently ranked #948 on CMC with a market cap of $509,509. Its main exchange is Cryptopia, which is responsible for most of the daily trading volume.

The NulleX team will launch and maintain an undisclosed amount of masternodes for NullTX, essentially increasing the security and viability of the network. Masternodes (also called Null Array Verifiers) are an important part of the NulleX network, allowing the possibility for anonymized transactions and other extra features.

NullTX (Null Transaction) is a cryptocurrency news media originally founded in April of 2014. With over 300,000 monthly pageviews, 38k twitter followers and over 9,000 newsletter subscribers it has a significant reach in the crypto community. As part of the partnership, NullTX will receive priority access to NulleX’s announcements and updates.

Furthermore, beginning November of 2018 NullTX will start accepting NLX as payment for various ad packages. As an incentive, advertisers will receive a discount for paying with NLX. Lastly, Marat Arguinbaev, the founder of NullTX will also be joining the NulleX team as an advisor; helping NLX with further strategic partnerships and developments to bring NulleX to the mainstream.


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