OK blockchain report: Bear returns after the BTC ETF got rejected, should investors HOLD?

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report (16th Issue) 2018.7.28-8.3

OK Blockchain Capital. Zhe Su

Market Overview


  • The past week’s daily average global market capitalization of cryptocurrency was $290.49 billion and the daily average transaction volume was $15.17 billion, indicating an incline of 8.26% and an incline of 8.26% respectively. The daily average market capitalization of the top five cryptocurrencies increased by 8.11% from the previous week. The increases in price of the top five cryptocurrencies was led by BTC, which experienced a price increase of 15.9%, and BCH experienced the greatest price increase by 16.08% in the past week.

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Data source:coinmarketcap

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  • Of the top 10 cryptocurrencies that increased this week, most of the projects were of the vertical application sector. Speed Mining Service, a mining project, experienced the greatest increase in price by 162.29%.
Ranking Project Token Field Brief description Trading amount (per $10K) Token price Increase/7d
1  Speed Mining Service SMS Mining The SMS project is a decentralized and diversified cryptocurrency mining business in Japan. $173,837 $18.03 162.29%
2 Fox Trading FOXT Asset management FOX is a trading platform for foreign exchange and cryptocurrency. $201,018 $0.12 114.98%
3 WABnetwork WAB Payment WAB enables secure transactions without the need for an intermediary. $4,900,838 $0.00 63.64%
4 empowr coin EMPR Community token Empowr’s mission is to connect people around the world to socialize and to create value together. $123,064 $3.30 55.83%
5 DigiFinex


DFT Decentralized exchange DigiFinex is an exchange that uses a “trading is mining” mechanism. $3,183,197 $0.98 54.90%
6 Zclassic ZCL Cryptocurrency and payment Zclassic is the first major branch of Zcash. $1,740,149 $12.89 47.30%
7 Bezop BEZ E-commerce Bezop is a solution that provides users with an e-commerce business. $692,641 $0.10 45.41%
8 MSD MSD Payment MSD is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum that can be used to pay for retailers within the ecosystem. $61,300 $0.01 42.92%
9 AMLT AMLT Network security AMLT provides users with risk data related to cryptocurrency and establishes a secure environment. $95,123 $0.02 39.83%
10 SRCOIN SRCOIN Medical insurance SRCOIN is a massage chair provider with health data collection. $1,162,080 $0.00 39.13%


Data source:coinmarketcap;retrieved at 12:00 on July 27th, 2018


Analysis of Top 200 Market Cap Projects


  • According to August 3rd 12:00 p.m., the market capitalization of the top 200 projects decreased by 10.70% from last week. Based on the main categories of cryptocurrency and payment, basic chain and protocol, vertical chain and protocol, and vertical industrial application, the projects of the vertical chain and protocol sector decreased the most.

Data source: OK Blockchain Capital

  • Through further classification of the vertical chain and protocol and the vertical industrial application sectors, it was found that the past week’s education projects were on obvious increases at a rate of 22.27%. Also, projects of the notary certification sector experienced an increase of 18.39%. On the other hand, IoT and AI projects experienced the greatest decreases with a rate of 26.68% and 27.23% respectively.

Data source: OK Blockchain Capital


Analysis of Newly Listed Projects


  • There were 59 new projects in the market the past week (mainly of the cryptocurrency and payment vertical), 61.02% of which dropped below issued price within 24 hours of listing. Most of the newly issued tokens were listed on IDEX and IDAX.
  • Among the new projects, KWH experienced the greatest increase in price (of the energy sector), reaching an increase of 44.69% within 24 hours. VIVID experienced the greatest decrease in price (of the cryptocurrency and payment vertical), reaching a decrease of 22.40% within 24 hours.

Ratio of New Projects Based on Categories           


 Data source:Coinmarketcap、feixiaohao、OK Blockchain Capital analysis

Table of newly listed projects

Project Token Field Exchange Platform Initial Listed Price($) Current Price($) 24h Trading Volume Price change (24h) Listed Date
NIX NIX Basic chain and protocol IDAX、Nanex 0.4472 0.228017 $229,840 -10.00% Jul-28
Apollo Currency APL Basic chain and protocol IDAX、Coinbene 0.001811 0.001555 $34,717 -4.52% Jul-28
Bitcoin File BIFI Basic chain and protocol Gate.io、Huobi 0.005290 0.005435 $110,331 -11.63% Jul-28
Wavebase PWV Human resources Qryptos 0.003630 0.002978 $249 -10.07% Jul-28
Galaxy ESolutions GES E-commerce Bancor Network 0.05076 0.005312 $2,557 -7.55% Jul-30
FNKOS FNKOS Data services CoinBene 0.1308 0.113368 $282,933 -1.84% Jul-30
PRASM PSM Medical insurance IDAX、Coinbene、Cointiger 0.003812 0.003712 $17,137 -12.03% Jul-30
BitKan KAN Content copyright Huobi、OKEx、


0.009324 0.007023 $2,447,921 -2.23% Jul-30
Condominium CDM Cryptocurrency and payment CryptoBridge、Cryptopia 0.006374 0.006670 $46,087 17.92% Jul-30
AceD ACED Cryptocurrency and payment CoinExchange、CryptoBridge 0.1974 0.2513 $3,170 4.20% Jul-30
Pigeoncoin PGN Community token QBTC、CryptoBridge 0.000797 0.000781 $20,582 -5.33% Jul-30
STASIS EURS EURS Stable coin DSX、HitBTC 1.17 1.16 $15,358 -0.37% Jul-30
HorusPay HORUS Human resources DragonEX、BigONE 0.02028 0.023292 $78,943 14.52% Jul-30
Coinsuper Ecosystem Network CEN Platform token Coinsuper Jul-30
VeThor Token VTHO Basic chain and protocol LBank 0.03831 0.02672 $44,629 -10.26% Jul-30
ATC Coin ATCC Cryptocurrency and payment Trade Satoshi 0.08671 0.01198 $743,809 2.74% Jul-31
DIPNET DPN Content copyright HitBTC、IDAX、Fcoin 0.005041 0.004933 $323,115 -0.97% Jul-31
Vexanium VEX E-commerce Tokenomy、BTC-Alpha、Exrates 0.02933 0.03779 $3,492,561 -13.01% Jul-31
Master Contract Token MCT Corporate services Switcheo Network、Hotbit 0.009778 0.008836 $86,023 -7.84% Jul-31
White Standard WSD Stable coin Stellarport 1.02 0.9737 -0.39% Jul-31
Volt ACDC Payment BitForex、CoinBene 0.002006 0.00178 $47,497 -3.69% Jul-31
Niobio Cash NBR Cryptocurrency and payment Crex24、TradeOgre 0.001775 0.002084 $830 2.63% Jul-31
Purex PUREX Cryptocurrency and payment CoinExchange 0.09172 0.12806 $4,721 24.20% Jul-31
BitScreener Token BITX Asset management IDEX、Hotbit 0.02241 0.01737 $856 -9.88% Jul-31
PRiVCY PRIV Cryptocurrency and payment BiteBTC 0.07194 0.06855 $13,156 Jul-31
Coinvest COIN Decentralized exchange IDEX、HitBTC 0.2678 0.189779 $851 -9.09% Jul-31
Luna Stars LSTR Social network Coinrail、Coinhood 0.000617 0.00049 $105,745 -13.38% Jul-31
Carlive Chain IOV E-commerce Bit-Z、Fcoin 0.009847 0.008955 $237,824 -6.80% Jul-31
Alchemint SDT Asset management Switcheo Network 0.03617 0.037671 -3.59% Jul-31
CanonChain CZR Basic chain and protocol BCEX、Bibox 0.02953 0.026756 $221,171 -6.11% Jul-31
Promotion Coin PC Advertising HADAX、Bit-Z 0.000909 0.000811 $408,784 Aug-01
RightMesh RMESH Charity BitForex、IDEX 0.1093 0.136838 -1.20% Aug-01
Brickblock BBK Asset management BitMart、IDEX、Gate.io 0.04646 0.048166 $3,269 5.17% Aug-01
NeuroChain NCC AI HADAX、IDEX 0.02458 0.025576 $182,777 6.83% Aug-01
Kalkulus KLKS Cryptocurrency and payment Mercatox、CryptoBridge 0.06577 0.079915 $10,222 15.40% Aug-01
Ethereum Monero EXMR Payment EtherDelta、IDEX 0.02717 0.029753 $36,478 -2.47% Aug-01
Hdac HDAC IoT Bibox 0.1059 0.101454 $574,026 -3.84% Aug-01
New Power Coin NPW Cryptocurrency and payment Cryptopia、Stocks.Exchange 1.82 1.80 $35,457 0.74% Aug-01
KWHCoin KWH Energy TOPBTC 0.001466 0.006366 $154,984 44.69% Aug-01
Haracoin HRC Cryptocurrency and payment CoinExchange 0.3994 0.401430 $12,868 0.53% Aug-01
Vivid Coin VIVID Cryptocurrency and payment CryptoBridge 0.1850 0.139359 $15,122 -22.40% Aug-01
ZMINE ZMN Mining BX Thailand、Trade Satoshi 0.05811 0.058146 $96,252 0.27% Aug-01
Arionum ARO Cryptocurrency and payment Mercatox 0.02509 0.023879 $29,885 -8.08% Aug-01
IDOL COIN IDOL Entertainment CoinExchange 0.000149 0.000151 $33,096 1.39% Aug-01
YOU COIN YOU Basic chain and protocol OKEx 0.02780 0.025732 $467,838 -7.23% Aug-01
Six Domain Chain SDA IoT Rfinex、OKEx、CoinTiger 0.01820 0.017843 $3,228,340 -0.87% Aug-01
Litex LXT Payment Bit-Z、Fcoin 0.01254 0.012537 $236,271 Aug-02
BitcoiNote BTCN Cryptocurrency and payment Crex24、Stocks.Exchange 0.004228 0.004228 $2,382 Aug-02
XTRD XTRD Asset management IDEX 0.004978 0.004978 $617 Aug-02
BitCapitalVendor BCV Wallet HADAX、Bit-Z 0.009278 0.009366 $435,748 Aug-02
Yuan Chain Coin YCC Corporate services HADAX、HitBTC、Hotbit 0.02024 0.020183 $516,728 Aug-02
DACSEE DACS Transportation Qryptos 0.02079 0.020788 $69,261 Aug-02
BrokerNekoNetwork BNN Dev. tool CoinExchange 0.000151 0.000151 $6,228 Aug-02
ZelCash ZEL Cryptocurrency and payment TradeOgre、Trade Satoshi、Stocks.Exchange 0.02649 0.026459 $3,000 Aug-02
Formosa FMF Asset management IDEX 0.02183 0.021803 Aug-02
Webcoin WEB Advertising IDEX、Hotbit 0.001970 0.001975 $84,114 Aug-02
ACRE ACRE Cryptocurrency and payment CryptoBridge 0.6222 0.621467 $59,522 Aug-02
Semux SEM Basic chain and protocol Stocks.Exchange 0.5743 0.573633 $3,243 Aug-02
Intermational Crypto X INCX Decentralized exchange CoinBene、Hotbit 0.008890 0.008860 $249,257 Aug-02


Data source:Coinmarketcap, Feixiaohao


Analysis of Closed Public Sales Projects


  • There have been 71 closed public-sale projects this past week, with the soft cap totaling nearly 226 million USD. Among these projects, projects of the finance vertical received most funding, exceeding over 60 million USD.

Main categories of public sales project this week (verticals with over $5M in soft cap)

Table of closed public sales projects(7.28-8.3)

Project Token Field Platform Soft Cap
Gamblica GMBC Gambling ETH 4,000 ETH
TGIC TGI Asset management ETH
ZeroEdge.Bet ZERO Gambling ETH 3,000 ETH
AISI Coin AISI Asset management ETH 7,040,000 USD
Airforce Mining AFX Mining ETH
Metatip META Payment Metaverse Blockchain
Ponics Technologies POT Agriculture ETH 9,250,000 USD
eCoinomic CNC Lending ETH 6,000,000 USD
PryvateCoin PVC Network security ETH
AllForMiner MIT Mining ETH 500,000 USD
SurruS SURR Insurance ETH 800,000 USD
The Sun Exchange SUNEX Energy ETH 25,000,000 USD
Birake BIR Payment ETH 3,000,000 USD
Innovative Bioresearch INNBC Medical insurance ETH
Ekspa EKSPA Corporate services ETH 400,000 USD
Secure Donation Token XSD Charity ETH 500  ETH
Baanx.com BAANX Asset management ETH 1,000,000 USD
Alt.Estate ALT Asset management ETH 1,000,000 USD
AVINOC AVINOC Data services ETH 8,000,000 USD
Bethereum BTHR Gambling ETH
Chubex CBX Token Decentralized exchange ETH
IMDEX IMDX Decentralized exchange ETH 2,000 ETH
DRCG DRCG Asset management ETH
Vikky VIL Human resources ETH 5,000 ETH
OKMCoin OKMC Corporate services ETH 5,500,000 USD
Online OIO Advertising ETH 5,000,000 USD
BeeMedics BMC Medical insurance Waves 700,000 USD
Bamboo BAM Asset management ETH
BlockGrain AGRI Supply chain ETH
Evident Proof EPT Data services ETH
Ivyn IVYN Payment ETH 18,900,000 USD
EQI EQI Banking ETH 15,000 ETH
FundersToken FST Corporate services ETH
Union UNI TOKEN Asset management ETH
MaxData MXD Data services ETH 5,000,000 USD
Saturn Network SATURN Basic chain and protocol ETH 1,675 ETH
Property Coin PCX Asset management ETH
Nimbus Token NIM Asset management ETH 8,050,000 USD
Rego REGO Asset management ETH 5,000 ETH
Triwer TRW E-commerce ETH 5,000,000 USD
GreenX GEX Energy ETH 2,500 ETH
AIgatha ATH Data services ETH
BitForex BF Decentralized exchange ETH 30,000 ETH
Specular SPEK Gambling ETH
Moveco MOV Transportation ETH 5,000,000 USD
Dacxi DAC Community token ETH 3,000,000 USD
ETHernitymining ETM Mining ETH 2,500,000 USD
Double Land DLC Token Game ETH 8,000 ETH
SURETY.AI SURE Insurance ETH 5,000,000 USD
DEEP AERO DRONE Transportation ETH 10,000 ETH
efir QZ Advertising ETH 1,250 ETH
EpigenCare EPIC Medical insurance ETH
McFly.aero McFly Transportation ETH
Viola.AI VAI Social network ETH 1,000,000 USD
Asura Coin ASA Gambling ETH 2,500,000 USD
CGCX CGX Decentralized exchange ETH 5,000,000 USD
STAY STAY Asset management ETH 5,000 ETH
ETH Travel ETHTT Tourism ETH 10,000 ETH
dStadia DSTA Game ETH 2,800,000 USD
Tracoin TCN Transportation ETH 5,000,000 USD
PAYERA PERA E-commerce ETH 8,000,000 USD
WallChain WALL Cryptocurrency and payment ETH 3,000,000 USD
Yodse YODSE Corporate services ETH 7,000,000 USD
Darico DEC Asset management ETH
ROOMDAO RDC Tourism ETH 1,200,000 USD
BuddToken BUDD Community token ETH 10,000,000 USD
Exolover EXO Entertainment ETH 500,000 USD
Talao TALAO Data services ETH 5,000 ETH
STRYKZ STRY Entertainment ETH 8,900 ETH
Coinet COT Asset management Stellar 200,000 USD
Omeno OME Asset management ETH 1,000,000 USD


Main data sources: Icobench、 Foundico、 smith and crown、icodata、 icodrops、coinschedule、icoadvert

Secondary data sources:Project websites


  • Important News on Global Governmental Policies this Past Week


Based on public information


  • Keeping Up with the Blockchain Giants

Hot Topic of the Week:OKEx General Conference

On July 5th, 2018, FCoin released the “Announcement on FCoin Main Board Brand Upgrade and the Start of Tokenization Experimental Zone”, and proposed the plan for the Tokenization Experimental Zone. On July 23rd, Bizkey, the first project to participate in the FCoin Tokenization Experimental Zone, held a public Q&A meeting.

1、What is Tokenization?

“Tokenization” means to convert traditional enterprises‘ assets into liquid assets that can be issued and applied with. Tokenization is mainly for internet companies with mature products, industry chains and traditional companies. This process restructures their businesses according to the ideas and models of tokenomics. The issuance and application of tokens changes how interests and profits are distributed, and also encourages all parties involved to participate in the system more.

2、Early “Tokenization”

Before the concept of tokenization was formally introduced, many blockchain companies had promoted good projects to embrace and apply tokenomics. In addition to the internet giants “BAT”’s blockchain development exploration, few established Internet companies have tried to integrate tokenomics into their systems,

  • OK Blockchain Capital proposes that it will apply the resources and technology it has to help excellent teams to complete and tokenize their projects.
  • In December 2017, in the case of declining revenue and decreasing performance, the content community Tianya released its blockchain token “Tianya Token” and Tianya Diamond. Tianya is used to complete various payment and transactions in the community. Users can get Tianya tokens through community contributions. Tianya tokens can be transferred to Ethereum. Tianya diamond is a community privileged item that rewards users with Tianya tokens every day.
  • In January 2018, Renren Company released the RRCoin whitepaper and launched the RRCoin that is based on the Ethereum network to improve social network incentives and consumer behaviors.

3、The First Tokenization Experimental Zone Project——Bizkey

As of last Thursday, “Tokenization Experimental Zone” announced only one registered company, Bizkey – the smart POS machine project. In the Bizkey ecosystem, there are two types of tokenization, BZK and Time. BZK is for the merchant side, which represents the value of transaction data and uses the “trading is mining” mechanism which will be circulated in the exchange. Time is for the user side, which is equivalent to tokenized points. Users receive points through consumerism, and accumulated points can be used for special privileges. Bizkey uses the incentives of tokenomics to enable merchants and intermediaries to obtain tokens through the “trading is mining” mechanism and to promote their smart POS machines.

4、Which companies are involved in the Tokenization Experimental Zone?

According to public information, the types of companies that have registered for Fcoin’s Tokenization Experimental Zone can be summarized as follows:

  • Companies with problems in their supply chain, industrial chain relationship, and user and community management. These problems cannot be resolved by traditional models, and therefore hope to use blockchain technology and tokenomics to transform its businesses.
  • Projects that naturally collect data and require data management, reward point incentives and other related requirements, are in line with the transformation of tokenomics.
  • Projects that are facing difficulties in terms of its finances and hope to receive new funding.

5、Difficulties in carrying out Tokenization

  • The design of the tokenomics model changes the distribution of interests, profits, and/or benefits. If an equity-based company proceeds with tokenization, it may damage the interests of the current shareholders of the company due to the design of the tokenomics model.
  • The infrastructure and technology development of the blockchain industry is still lacking. The calculation speed, transaction speed and storage capacity are not powerful enough to support large-scale applications.
  • Tokenized securities may run into legal compliance issues.

Appendix: Upcoming Crowdfunding Projects(8.4-8.10)

Project Token Public offering launch date Public offering close date Field Token Quantity Public offering percentage* Hard cap
Vreo MERO 2018/8/4 2018/9/1 Advertising 19,500,000 USD
URAllowance URA 2018/8/4 2018/9/30 Education 1,012,500,000 40% 30,000 ETH
LeadRex LDX 2018/8/4 2018/11/9 Corporate services 137,000,000 80% 10,700 ETH
ACA Network ACA 2018/8/4 2018/9/30 Advertising 2,000,000,000 50% 100,000,000 ACA
Asset Allocation Token AAT 2018/8/4 2018/9/4 Asset management 45,000,000 60% 27,000,000 USD
Lunch Money LMY 2018/8/5 2018/9/5 Consumerism 250,000,000 16% 40,000,000 LMY
Avatar Network ATT 2018/8/5 2018/9/5 Digital identity 6,000,000,000 20% 12,000 ETH
REOS REOS 2018/8/6 2018/9/20 Content copyright 10,000,000,000 50% 45,000 ETH
MedChain MDX 2018/8/6 2018/9/5 Data services 71,180,000 49% 15,000,000 USD
Sleecoin SLEE 2018/8/6 2018/11/25 Real estate 200,000,000 50% 100,000,000 SLEE
Developeo DEVX 2018/8/6 2018/8/27 Education 600,000,000 80% 480,000,000 DEVX
Boomstarter.Network BC 2018/8/6 2018/9/23 Crowdfunding 48,000,000 75% 20,000,000 USD
ORCA ORCA 2018/8/6 2018/9/6 Banking 660,000,000 42% 9,800,000 USD


Project Token Public offering launch date Public offering close date Field Token Quantity Public offering percentage* Hard cap
LooksCoin LOOK 2018/8/6 2018/8/30 Content copyright 1,000,000,000 50% 30,000,000 USD
idap.io IDAP 2018/8/7 2018/10/15 Asset management 1,000,000,000 75% 750,000,000 IDAP
ELPIS ELP 2018/8/7 2018/9/15 Asset management 250,000,000 78% 10,000,000 USD
Alive Casino AL 2018/8/7 2018/12/1 Gambling 30,000,000 USD
Pavocoin PAVO 2018/8/7 2018/9/15 Agriculture 200,000,000 50% 30,000,000 USD
SilkChain SILK 2018/8/7 2018/8/31 Trading 10,000,000,000 25% 95,000 ETH
DeFund Project XDF 2018/8/7 2018/9/6 Asset management 500,000,000 90% 11,097 ETH
Usechain UST 2018/8/8 2018/8/8 Digital identity 20,000,000,000 45% 4,500 BTC
Box2Table B2C 2018/8/8 2018/10/8 Corporate services 500,000,000 76% 41,000,000 USD
Contractium.io CTU 2018/8/8 2018/11/11 Corporate services 3,000,000,000 50% 10,000,000 USD
Dizcovery Network DIZ 2018/8/8 2018/8/31 Content copyright 1,000,000,000 60% 20,000,000 USD
TycoonCoin TTC 2018/8/9 2018/8/31 Cryptocurrency and payment 90% 17,131,333 USD
InfraCoins INF 2018/8/10 2018/10/31 Tourism 50,000,000 60% 30,000,000 USD


Image(s): Shutterstock.com

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