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Oryen is looking to be the best upcoming crypto of 2022 after 100% price increase bypassing Fantom and Polkadot

Crypto remains the fastest-growing economic space and the most meritocratic. Projects live and die on their most recent developments, and Oryen, a new entrant to DeFi, has already seen its price increase by 100%.

By delivering a simple wealth creation tool, Oryen has bypassed Fantom and PolkaDot, and this trajectory looks set to continue.


Oryen has benefitted from the shifting macroeconomic conditions. The FED has begun communicating that it will slow down rate hikes and, following this, start printing money again to stimulate the economy. Small caps like Oryen perform best in this environment. Additionally, a narrative of experienced traders searching for small-cap gems has evolved on Twitter. Pair these two factors with Oryen’s fixed 90% APY for all investors, and it results in explosive price action.

Oryen delivers the highest stable returns in crypto thanks to its Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) technology. Purpose-designed smart contracts auto-stake ORY to make the process secure and straightforward. And smart contracts auto-compound ORY to maximize returns for investors. Unsurprisingly this sophisticated DeFi protocol has posted gains, and all indicators signal a continuation of this trend.


Fantom is a layer-one blockchain supporting smart contracts. Fantom saw explosive growth in 2021 as its ecosystem devoured liquidity from other chains. The Fantom Foundation allocated significant capital sums to attract developers to the network and build on it; resulting in arguably DeFi’s most dynamic ecosystem.

However, the departure of lead developers such as Andre Cronje dealt Fantom a severe blow, one from which it has not fully recovered. On top of this, Fantom faces increased competition from other layer ones and an establishing trend of DeFi liquidity headed towards layer two scaling solutions deployed on Ethereum.


The bear market has been cruel to DOT holders. This layer zero project aiming at interoperability traded close to $60 at its ATH (All-Time High) but has since retraced nearly 90%. Despite solid technological fundamentals, PolkaDot has failed to interest investors. If this project cannot drive more demand with its parachain auctions, the future for DOT holders looks bleak.

Closing Thoughts

A market shift is coming, and investors recognize this changing tailwind. The window of opportunity is closing, and investors must act soon. Small caps will become mid-caps, and fortunes will be made.

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