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Peer-to-peer Bitcoin Trading With no Fees Through Bitcoin Global

Buying and selling Bitcoin worldwide should not only be convenient, but also cheap. Bitcoin Global recently announced how all traders are done free of charge throughout August 2020. A significant step forward to broaden global adoption of the world’s leading cryptocurrency

Introducing Bitcoin Global

Peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies helps broaden their global appeal. For Bitcoin, there is a growing number of peer-to-peer trading platforms connecting users from all over the world. Bitcoin Global is making a name for itself in this segment.  Its latest update includes the waiving of all trading fees for users. 

By removing the trading fees, the platform becomes more competitive in the cryptocurrency space.  Additionally, the team has introduced support for two new languages: Chinese and French. This helps give the platform a global appeal, as catering to users in their native tongue will help them gain better insights into what is being provided exactly. A total of four major languages is currently supported.

Advertising Bitcoin Orders

All peer-to-peer trading platforms allow users to create their orders. Depending on the current market conditions, however, one’s listings will need to be updated on a regular basis. This can often be a hassle for both buyers and sellers. Bitcoin Global has come up with ways to make this process a lot more straightforward.

More specifically, the platform provides a recently introduced price equation formula. Leveraging this technology ensures that all of a user’s orders reflect the correct market price for Bitcoin. Price data can be sourced from different exchanges, including WhiteBIT, Bitstamp, Kraken, Coinbase, and Bitfinex. 

With this information, users can then create their own equation and convert it to depict prices in one’s national currency. It is a far more convenient way  of remaining competitive among other local sellers and buyers. 

Speaking of advertisements, users are also given the option to automate their listings through API calls. Bitcoin Global’s team recently added a new API to support this particular functionality. A maximum of 5 advertisements per user account are allowed. This API further strengthens the company’s commitment to introduce more people to Bitcoin. 

Professional Security

Protecting users is paramount in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin Global takes this matter very seriously. All of the trades passing through the platform are protected by escrow. This secure system will ensure funds remain locked until the seller receives the payment from the buyer. Speaking of payments, all transactions occur between buyer and seller directly. No funds are ever handled by Bitcoin Global directly. This approach offers an extra layer of protection for users.

Another core security aspect is how users can further protect their account. Doing so ensures no one can take advantage of one’s account. Enabling two-factor authentication is advised at all times. Bitcoin Global gives users the choice to set this up through a mobile device – such as Google Authenticator – or a paper-based approach. Either option will work well, depending on personal preference.

Other Key Aspects

Unlike some other peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platforms, Bitcoin Global doesn’t require identity verification. Users can register an account instantly and begin listing their buying or selling orders right away. This is an important aspect to attract new users, especially now that more languages are being added to the platform. 

Secondly, users can filter offers based on location, currency, and supported payment methods. This latter aspect is especially a nice feature. Users will often prefer to pay through specific payment methods, and this filter makes it easier to determine which orders are worth exploring. 

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