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Poloniex Will Leverage TRON to Reduce Trading Fees

Every change Poloniex makes will be scrutinized. Their decision to lower fees is positive, albeit some see it as another way to “Shill TRON”. 

It has been a very eventful year for Poloniex as a company.

Interesting Changes for Poloniex Users

Not only did it break free from Circle, but it also welcomed new investors.

Among those investors is Justin Sun, creator of the TRON cryptocurrency.

That development has created a lot of friction among crypto enthusiasts, for various reasons.

Despite those developments, Poloniex continues to move forward.

Lowering trading fees is something exchange users often welcome with open arms.

As part of the new fee schedule, spot and margin trading fees will be reduced as of January 8, 2020.

Moreover, the company confirms clients can further reduce fees by using several solutions.

Poloniex will launch a VIP program and a market maker service.

Furthermore, users who have TRON in their account will be able to reduce trading fees as well.

Normally, such a program would only work with an exchange’s native token.

Poloniex currently doesn’t have such a token, albeit it appears that TRON will fit that role moving forward. 

It is expected that a maximum discount of 30% on fees can be achieved by holding TRX in a Poloniex account.

This feature is not live yet, nor has an official launch date been communicated. 

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