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Pornhub Makes Premium Content Free During Coronavirus Crisis in Europe

Technology companies do their part to make life a bit easier during the novel coronavirus crisis. Pornhub is taking an interesting approach, as its Premium content is now free for all viewers in select European countries.

It is interesting to note how must porn sites note an increase in viewership.

Pornhub Sets the Tone for Porn Sites

With so many people forced to stay home, that is not entirely surprising either.

Pornhub acknowledges there is a notable increase in web traffic.

As such, the provider is making its Premium content free of charge to visitors from Italy, Spain, and France.

It remains to be seen if other countries will be added to this list in the near future.

Parent company MindGeek is confident that this approach is the right one.

Moreover, the company will also donate money to the European nations during the coronavirus outbreak.

More specifically, all of the March proceeds from Modelhub will be donated to Italy. 

With more and more European countries noting an increase in coronavirus cases, measures like these may need to be taken across the continent.

What is perhaps even more surprising is how people are looking for coronavirus-themed porn as well.

No concept is too weird during times like these, by the look of things.


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